Top 10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Purchase A Snoo

Making big purchases can be a stressful decision. There are so many variables to consider, and it’s hard to know if you’re making the right choice for your lifestyle.

If you’ve considered purchasing a Snoo smart bassinet, think twice before taking the plunge.

In this article, I’ll outline ten reasons why buying a Snoo might not be the best option for your family.

For those of us who want what is best for our children, we sometimes feel obligated to purchase expensive items that promise an easier life.

We all have different needs when it comes to parenting, but ultimately we share one goal – raising happy and healthy kids!

Before investing in something as important as your child’s sleep environment, weighing up the pros and cons of any product or service pays off.

Let’s dive into my top ten list of why opting out of owning a Snoo could benefit you and your family!

10. The Cost Is Too High

I’m sure you’ve seen the Snoo advertised on social media and heard about it from your friends. It looks like a great product, but if you’re considering purchasing one for your baby, there are some things to consider first.

The biggest reason why I wouldn’t purchase a Snoo is the cost. At $1,295 (plus tax), it’s more than double the price of most other bassinets or cribs – that’s no small amount of money by any measure!

Not only is this price tag high compared with other sleeping options for babies, but when you factor in all the additional costs associated with having a newborn, such as diapers, wipes, and formula, this could add up fast.

For many families already financially stretched thin, adding an extra expense isn’t feasible right now.

The good news is that even though the shopping process may be expensive upfront, financing options are available to spread payments over time instead of making one large payment at once.

Other rental programs also exist where you can rent the Snoo for a set period before returning it. These arrangements can help relieve some financial pressure while enjoying the benefits of using this amazing technology with your little one.

Ultimately, deciding whether or not to buy a Snoo should come down to personal preference and what makes sense for your family’s budget.

But don’t forget: whatever decision you make should always prioritize essential items needed for baby care first – safety must always come before luxury items!

With that said, let’s discuss how not every baby will benefit from using snow.

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9. It’s Not For All Babies

Why You Shouldn't Purchase A Snoo

I’m sure many parents have been intrigued by the Snoo, hoping it would make their lives easier while providing a good sleep solution for their baby.

But before you take the plunge and purchase one, I want to point out some important reasons why this isn’t necessarily the right fit for everyone.

First, no two babies are alike – they all have unique temperaments and preferences regarding sleeping.

Some may find that the Snoo works well for them, but others might not feel comfortable in its tight environment or enjoy being rocked constantly.

Even if your baby does seem to like it at first, he or she could grow tired of it over time. So there’s no guarantee that this will provide a good long-term solution.

Another issue is that babies need individual attention from their parents to develop properly.

Having them strapped into a device like the Snoo can limit physical contact and interaction with caregivers, leading to developmental delays.

It can also create an unhealthy dependency on the Snoo to get your baby to sleep – something that should be done without any external assistance whenever possible.

In addition, using devices such as this could disrupt your baby’s natural body clock cycle because they won’t learn how to soothe themselves back to sleep without intervention from outside sources.

This could cause issues with healthy sleep patterns later, making it difficult for them (and you) to get adequate sleep.

Purchasing a Snoo isn’t always going to be the best choice for every family and every baby – even though it looks cool and innovative!

As tempting as it may be, sometimes opting for more traditional methods can still prove successful (not to mention safer).

With that said, let’s discuss another potential downside – its ability to create dependence on the device for sleep…

8. It Can Create A Dependence On The Snoo For Sleep

Regarding the Snoo, there is no doubt that its motion and sound features can help get a baby to sleep.

However, this convenience might also lead to an over-dependence on these features to get a good night’s rest.

When babies become accustomed to the soothing sounds and gentle rocking of the Snoo, they may have difficulty falling asleep without them.

This means that transitioning from the Snoo to a regular crib could pose some challenges.

Parents should know the potential risks of relying too heavily on Snoo for their baby’s sleep routine.

If your little one becomes used to having all those bells and whistles while sleeping, it may take longer than expected for them to adjust when you switch back to a traditional crib.

Parents must create a gradual transition plan to prevent disruption in their child’s slumber schedule.

Furthermore, before investing in a Snoo (or any similar product), it’s important to consider whether this kind of device aligns with your parenting philosophy.

While some families find great success using such devices, others don’t feel comfortable dependably on technology as part of their baby’s bedtime routine.

Ultimately, each family must decide what works best for them when creating their child’s sleep environment at home.

Ultimately, whether or not you choose the Snoo will hinge largely on personal preference and lifestyle choice.

Weighing pros and cons is essential – especially since making shifts down the line can often prove difficult due to habit-forming behavior in babies!

Keeping this in mind and researching products thoroughly before purchase is key when deciding if purchasing snow is right for your family.

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7. It May Not Fit In With Your Parenting Philosophy

If you’re a fan of attachment parenting or another philosophy that emphasizes responding to your baby’s needs and being hands-on with them as much as possible, then the Snoo won’t fit into that plan.

This automated system relies on preprogrammed settings rather than allowing parents to respond directly in real-time.

While its soothing sounds can help calm babies down, there’s no substitute for the human touch when it comes to comforting a child.

Another reason the Snoo may not be right for everyone is that co-sleeping isn’t an option with this gadget.

While many people believe that sleeping close together helps build strong bonds between parent and child, having a separate bed just for the baby doesn’t give any room for snuggles during those middle-of-the-night feedings or sleepy cuddles in the morning.

That means you’ll need other ways to get that quality parent/child time. And finally, let’s talk about cost: at almost 1,400 dollars for the basic version, it’s certainly not inexpensive!

Even if you feel like the features justify spending that kind of money considering what else is available out there, it might still feel too pricey once you check out your bank account balance afterward.

Transitioning away from these financial concerns – let’s discuss how the Snoo can’t be used for co-sleeping.

6. The Snoo Can’t Be Used For Co-Sleeping

Why You Shouldn't Purchase A Snoo

One potential downside to the Snoo is that it may need to fit in with your parenting philosophy. This is because the design of the Snoo prevents co-sleeping, which can be a dealbreaker for some families.

Here are 4 things you should consider if you’re worried about this:

  1. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends babies sleep on their backs and not sharing beds due to safety concerns.
  2. The Snoo follows this recommendation as its bassinet has been designed so babies lie flat on their back without any blankets or extra items in the sleeping area.
  3. If parents do decide to share a bed with their baby they will need an additional product specifically designed for safe co-sleeping such as an arm’s reach cosleeper or a small bedside crib that attaches securely to the parent’s bed frame.
  4. It’s important for parents to know what works best for them and their family when it comes to finding ways to ensure their baby’s safety while providing comfort and security during sleep time – even though the Snoo doesn’t allow for co-sleeping, there are still other options available!

When considering purchasing snow, you may also not want your baby to sleep on their back all the time; however, there are other products available that provide more flexibility, like hammocks, loungers, and floor mattresses

which offer different positions for babies’ comfort and development needs throughout infancy and beyond.

5. You May Not Want Your Baby To Sleep On Their Back All The Time. 

Regarding snoozing, nothing is more important than the perfect sleep position. Or so you would think with all of the hype around the Snoo – a device that requires babies to always sleep on their backs!

First, we must consider what message this sends our little ones: they can’t move while sleeping. That they must remain in a single stationary position until morning? That is not encouraging when looking ahead at years of restful nights.

Then there’s the safety factor; most parents are very particular about where their infants sleep and wouldn’t want them confined in any way during slumber time with the Snoo.

This could become a problem as it restricts movement and limits airflow. And if something were to happen, like tossing or turning too much, the dangers would increase exponentially.

Finally, there’s also cost-effectiveness to consider – shelling out hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars for something that can only be used for a few months seems counterintuitive.

Rather than spending money on a device like the Snoo, why not invest in something that will benefit your baby now and into adulthood? It may only sometimes be practical for travel purposes, but it will certainly offer long-term value.

4. It May Not Be Practical For Travel. 

I’ve been considering getting a Snoo for my little one, and I know it’s a fantastic machine. But when I think about it, there are some excellent reasons why there might be better ideas than this.

First off, it would not be easy to transport the Snoo on long trips or vacations. It’s bulky at 34 pounds, and its dimensions of 37″ L x 21′ W x 24.5″ H make it unwieldy in most cars. Not ideal if you’re planning on taking your baby with you!

But even beyond that, the Snoo might be too stimulating for some babies:

  • The rocking motion could be overstimulating – especially since many babies like being held more than rocked these days.
  • The swaddling feature can also create an environment where they feel overly confined and overwhelmed.
  • And what happens when the baby outgrows the size limit? You’ll have to go back to regular swaddles anyways!

All things considered, I’m leaning towards buying something less expensive (and easier to travel with!)

3. It May Be Too Stimulating For Some Babies.

The Snoo is designed to provide a comforting, womb-like environment for babies. It has gentle rocking motions and white noise proven to help soothe infants.

However, this same technology can be too stimulating for some babies, making it difficult to fall or stay asleep.

Comforting & womb-like environmentCould be overstimulating
Gentle rocking motionsWhite noise could irritate
Proven to help soothe infantsMight not work with all babies

When used correctly and judiciously, the Snoo can provide an enjoyable sleeping experience for both baby and parent alike.

But if your infant seems fussy after being placed inside it, you should reconsider buying one, as it may not be effective at calming them down.

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2. It May Not Be Effective For Babies With Reflux.

I know how much you want the best for your little one, and that’s why I’m here to tell you about some of the reasons why a Snoo might not be ideal for your baby.

One such reason is if your baby has reflux. The Snoo comes with a flat sleeping surface, which simply won’t do for babies suffering from reflux who require an inclined angle to help reduce their symptoms.

If this is the case for your child, then it would be wise to look into other products more suitable for them like bassinets or cradles that come with adjustable angles so they can sleep comfortably.

Investing in something like this will definitely be worth it since it’s important to ensure your baby gets all the rest they need while also being able to feel comfortable enough during those times when they are awake too!

Although there are ways around this by propping up the mattress on one side with items like blocks or books, these methods could potentially cause safety issues as well as make changing sheets difficult due to its awkward shape.

Furthermore, constantly having to rearrange things every time you change the sheets may become quite tiresome after awhile too.

The Snoo requires an outlet nearby in order to work properly, so depending on where you plan on setting it up at home, this may not always be practical either.

And even though additional extensions can be purchased separately should you ever find yourself needing them, just remember that extra money spent adds onto the already hefty price tag that comes along with purchasing a product like this in the first place!

So consider your options carefully before deciding whether or not investing in a Snoo is right for you and your family.

1. It Requires An Outlet, So It May Not Be Practical For All Rooms.

Why You Shouldn't Purchase A Snoo

Another major consideration when deciding whether or not to purchase a Snoo is the fact that it must be plugged in at all times.

This means that you need access to an electrical outlet near the baby’s sleeping area, and this may limit where you can place your little one.

According to data from The Sleep Judge website, only 47% of nurseries have an available outlet next to the crib which would make powering a Snoo difficult if not impossible in many cases.

It’s important to think about what room will work best for both you and your child as far as finding a spot with a power source for their bedside companion.

If you’re considering putting them in the living room, then you’ll want to check out how easy it is to find an outlet nearby before making the investment into purchasing a Snoo bassinet.

Additionally, parents should consider any safety hazards of having cords close by since babies tend explore around their beds once they start crawling and pulling themselves up on furniture.

When looking for places within your home that could potentially accommodate a powered-up Snoo, try taking inventory of every room and assessing each location for its ability to keep your infant safe while also providing ease of use for yourself as well.

Is there enough space between walls and furniture? Is there enough light without being too bright? Will you have difficulty reaching over furniture or bending down too low? These are just some of the factors worth thinking through before committing to using a Snoo.

All things considered, convenience should always take precedence over aesthetics or space constraints when choosing where your baby will sleep; ultimately, being able to plug in their snuggly sleeper is paramount!

That said, ensuring they get plenty of restful sleep – wherever they end up – should be top priority no matter what kind of sleeping situation you choose for your family.


When it comes to buying a Snoo, there are many factors that need to be taken into account. It is an expensive piece of equipment and may not fit with all parenting philosophies.

Additionally, its effectiveness can vary from baby to baby. Furthermore, it requires an outlet for power which may not be feasible in all rooms or when travelling.

All these points should make you think twice before investing in the Snoo as ultimately this purchase could end up being more trouble than its worth.

Therefore, consider carefully whether the Snoo would benefit your family before making any commitment; otherwise you might find yourself regretting the decision later on down the line.

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