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Organize your photos | MothersCircle.netBe honest. How many pictures do you have stashed on your phone, your iPad, your computer?

Do you do anything with them? Can you easily find the one(s) you want? Can you enjoy the gazillion pictures you take? Does thinking about this make you sweat?

Mother’s Circle readers know that I love keeping record and documenting our family events, big and small, but it is a time consuming and overwhelming task to keep up with the unruly mess of pictures. That’s why I’m excited to tell you about the perfect solution to help you organize your photos.

Here’s what you need to organize your photos

Ruly is the only service that solves the problem of digital photo overload through an innovative digital photo concierge service using a combination of human touch and technology. I love this!

As a social enterprise, Ruly is a unique tech startup because it’s designed to achieve a specific social good objective. Ruly’s photo operations center is in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, where the company recruits and invests in local women. Having visited Organize your pictures and help women | MothersCircle.netCambodia on a trip with my mom in 2012, this model immediately spoke to me. Ruly offers women who are too often marginalized and living in poverty a way to build industry-relevant skills, earn exponentially higher wages and emerge as leaders in their communities.

“Ruly was founded on the belief that great businesses can be built with a fundamental ‘win-win’ design,” Chad Mulder, Ruly’s founder and CEO, shared. “Customers desperately need help with their overwhelming photo mess. At the same time, we’re making social advancements that are truly important.”

How Ruly works

So how does Ruly work?

  • First Ruly connects to your Dropbox mobile app.
  • Then Ruly’s photo team assess every shot and find your “Keepers,” which are all the good shots that you’ll want over time.
  • Photos that don’t pass Ruly’s technical and photographic criteria, such as unnecessary duplicates, out of focus images and mistake shots are considered “Clutter” (typically 65-70% of all photos). Clutter is separated out, but not deleted so they can always be accessed.
  • Next, photo specialists find your “Highlight” shots. These are the shots that summarize events, periods of time, holidays, etc. Highlights are fully edited using Photoshop.
  • Photos are returned to the Dropbox, organized in easy-to-navigate folders.

Ta Da! Photo organization and you’ve given a woman life skills and income – something to truly feel good about.

Get Organized and Help Impoverished Women

As a social enterprise, Ruly is pioneering the use of a consumer technology service to drive positive social change. Ruly is focused on creating technology jobs for women in developing countries as a way to fight global poverty and include more women in the digital economy.

Ruly recruits women in Cambodia who fall below the international poverty line, trains them with technical and photographic skills, then provides four-year scholarships to earn a college degree in business or technology.

That’s Ruly’s key combination – human eyes and skills plus technology – to give you exactly what you need to get your pictures organized. From there, you can easily create a vacation photo book or find that perfect image for your Christmas card or to frame for Grandma’s birthday. As they say at Ruly: “Your unruly photos can change the world.”

“Apps rely on algorithms to make decisions for you. They reduce the value of your photos to a digital commodity. But with Ruly, you get much more,” continued Mulder. “Ironically, we take so many photos – an estimated 1 trillion this year globally – that they essentially get trapped under their own weight. One minute we take a photo because we’re really inspired, happy or moved in some way. But the next minute, that photo is essentially lost to us. It’s thrown onto massive pile of all our backlogged files. We need a way to rescue all the best photos from among all this unruliness.”

To learn more about Ruly, its social impact, and how you can take the never-ending task of photo management off of your to-do list, visit You are invited to be a part of Ruly’s free beta program. Visit their website to sign up.

* This is a sponsored post.

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