Workout from Home with Ana Caban

I’m happy to introduce you to this reasonably priced workout from home program with top trainers to the stars.
In full disclosure, I have not received payment or free goods or services in exchange for this guest post.
Ana Caban, Inc. is offering discounts for Mother’s Circle readers, see end of this post for discount codes.

Guest Post from Ana Caban, Inc.

ana caban, good life guru, exercise for moms, exercising mom, mom on orange ball, orange yoga ball, mom on birth ball, exercise after birth, postpartum exercise, exercising with kids, exercising at home, working out at home, cheap workout plans, online workout plans,It’s still January and resolutions of health and fitness are swirling, or fizzling. Save time and money with a work out from home with Ana Caban, celebrity fitness trainer.

Sharing resolutions keeps us honest and accountable, to ourselves, and anyone else we have included in our close-knit circles. The intention is there, and we are gung-ho about waking up at six o’clock in the morning to head out for a jog before our bodies realize what tricks we’re up to.

For many busy moms, it’s almost impossible to think about how to formulate a workout schedule beyond that point. Moms of toddlers or teens are often just too busy to even think about the gym. And it’s not just the kids or another non-Mommying job, it’s the million other responsibilities, too.

What if there was a way you could workout from home without interfering with your daily routine? It makes working out sound doable doesn’t it?

Ana Caban wife, mother, and pilates guru has a new program out this year with SpiroFit that allows you tomom exercising with baby, working out postpartum, working out after baby, losing baby fat, losing baby pounds, working out at home, baby jumping, holding kids hands, working out together with kids, inexpensive workouts, getting fit, workout from home using your iPhone, iPad, smartphones, laptops and any other mobile device you find convenient. Not only will you get Ana Caban but eight other world-renowned trainers, such as Tamilee Webb, Tracey Mallett, David Weck and more.

You’ll gain access to more than 25 NEW workouts EVERY MONTH! All of these workouts are available for about fifty cents a day. With classes offered in time frames that make sense for at home or working parents, you can take workouts off your Stress List. There are three new workouts filmed each month by each fitness expert that can be done right at home or on the go; access any workout you choose at anytime you choose, wherever you choose.

Want to know how to begin to workout from home?

Visit the SpiroFit webpage and sign-up for a six month package ($89.95) with this special discounted price for Mother’s Circle blog readers by using code anac6mo. Or start with a month-to-month plan at the discounted price of $15.95/month by using code ac1587.

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