Why You Need Mommy Time

why you need mommy time, ideas for mommy time, taking care of mom, making time for myself, making self priority, kids painting, kids artwork, painting in orange and blue,Mommy time is a way to fill ourselves up to be able to be better in all of our roles. As Moms, we spend much of our days focused on kids. Kids’ meals, kids’ behaviors, kids’ activities, kid’s homework, kid’s bathing, brushing, towel-dumping, rule-not-following, stop-touching-him stuff.

You deserve some grown-up time. Guilt-free parenting is my mantra and giving yourself time should be a priority on your to do list. Go ahead and do something to fill yourself up.

When we feel fulfilled and like our own lives are valuable independent of being someone’s Mommy, we open ourselves to personal growth and in turn to being better mothers, wives, friends, people.

You’ve heard the expression: “If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t no one happy.” It’s so often true, as Moms, that we set the tone of the family. We set the example. We create the culture over the long term and create the mood in the short term.

How we greet the day and the people in our homes matters to the family culture. We are key in sculpting the family dynamics and when we feel whole as women, we are better able to weather the tedium and build the home lives we imagined when first dreaming of a family.

So here’s a quick list of some ideas for Mommy Time to get you thinking about what you can do for yourself. Start today!

  • Dig in your garden – for me time in my garden is so peaceful and rejuvenating
  • Get a manicure – or take the time to paint your own nails
  • Take a bath – add a favorite fragrance
  • Try out Tabata trainings (stay tuned for my post next week about Tabata and Tabata Songs
  • Plan a special date night
  • Pick up an old hobby you’ve been missingpink and blue flowers, pink and blue painting, kids artwork of flower, kids pink and blue flowers, drawing with cray pas
  • Take up a new hobby you’ve been interested in trying (knitting, painting, singing)
  • Pack a picnic
  • Arrange flowers and put them where you will see them often
  • Go to a book club – yes, you can make time for reading as part of your Mommy Time! (Check back for Friday’s post about my favorite books)
  • Play a mindless game of Candy Crush or Scramble on your phone
  • Get creative – paint, sculpt clay, write a poem
  • Pour a cup of tea and just be
  • Play an instrument
  • Bake pretty cupcakes for dessert
  • Learn a new language – you can listen to the lessons little by little
  • Get a massage – even every so often can do wonders
  • Write in a gratitude journal
  • Meet a friend for a walk in the neighborhood, for breakfast out or an evening glass of wine (or two)
  • Enjoy your favorite yoga class
  • Watch a movie – who cares if it’s the afternoon?
  • If you like entertaining, plan a dinner party, the preparations can be a fun creative outlet
  • Take a run
  • Dance
  • Read a magazine – save the parenting mags and read something that is all about your non-Mommy passions
  • Meditate or pray
  • Take a nap (I LOVE a quick afternoon nap to perk me up for the rest of the day)
  • Pause. Smile. Breathe.

Make time for Mommy Time! Do something that makes you feel like your authentic self, something that makes you smile and shine. You deserve it. Do it without guilt and without regret. Enjoy something just for you today. Give yourself the gift on your own time a little bit each day.

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