Where do Babies Come From, Mommy?

Photo by Leah DeCesare

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I love this question! How do you answer the question, “Where do babies come from?” when your child asks? I must confess that I am a “birth junkie,” as a childbirth educator and doula*, my career has evolved into all-things-baby. As a parent, it’s important to answer the tough question of where babies come from in a factual and age appropriate way.  The discussion of conception and birth shouldn’t be a one-time-only talk, but instead a conversation that begins basic and young which grows and builds as your children grow, too.  Read More

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  1. [...] regularly, you know that I parent from a place of truthfulness  and openness with my kids: about where babies come from, about sex and about bad things. They see me cry, I explain; I share my emotions and disbelief, my [...]

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