What is littleBits?

what is littleBits, littleBits starter kit, building with electronics modules, electronics for kids, better than legos, if you like legos you'll love littlebits, littlebits color codeWhat is littleBits? Now that I know the answer, littleBits are guaranteed to be wrapped up for birthday gifts and under our tree for many Christmases to come. With the discount code for Mother’s Circle readers below, you can give the gift of imagination, too!

Move over, Legos, here comes littleBits!

littleBits makes building with electronics and prototyping for budding engineers completely accessible and fun (ages 8 and up.)

We always call our son Michael “the engineer” because he is incredibly resourceful, creative in mechanical and inventive ways, and endlessly curious about how things work. He’s always figuring things out, fixing things and solving functional problems around the house. His eyes lit up when he opened the littleBits box!

Michael has always loved all things building from Lincoln Logs and Tinker Toys to erector sets, magnetics and bristle blocks, but I think as much as we’ve loved and been buried by Legos in our house, this could replace them! Or perhaps we’ll see Legos make their way into a littleBits creation.

As a blogger, I am bombarded by people asking for me to review items or to pitch their thing on my blog. I only agree to something that I really love and feel genuinely good about recommending to my readers and I am so excited to share this with you. My whole family (and the neighbors) are happy that we’ve “discovered” it! Watch this video and you’ll be hooked, too.

What is littleBits?

As their website explains succinctly, “littleBits is an opensource library of electronic modules that snap kids playing with littleBits, what is littleBits, discovering electronics, circuits for kids, kids learning electronics, kids building tools, together with tiny magnets for prototyping, learning, and fun.” Kids and grown ups of all ages will love building and creating with these modules, your imagination is your only limit!

The littleBits goal, according to founder Ayah Bdeir is “to make every single interaction in the world into a ready-to-use brick.” littleBits has won over 18 awards and has been featured in these news stories: CNN:Top 10 Startups, Fast Company, and here littleBits creator, Ayah Bdeir’s TED Talk.

Michael immediately learned what all the different parts in the littleBits Starter Kit do but he had competition from his sisters who were as eager to dive in and try it as he was. They worked together on three of the projects that come in the kit, the back massager, the flickering lantern and a bristle brush, but they also made their own up. They made a ball spinner, the “Tickle-o-nater,” and a dancer, some very functional projects right off the bat! Everyone clearly needs a ball spinner! The littleBits website and other sites have ideas for things to do and build, too, to help the kids get a little inspiration or direction.

The giggles, cooperation and genuine fun the kids had while creating together was great to enjoy as a Mom. The circuits are very intuitive and kids know the right position by how they magnet together – they can’t be put together wrong. The bricks are color coded to represent different functions:
Green = output
Blue = power
Pink = input
Orange = wire

littleBits packaging, storing littleBits, storing modules, storing electronic modules, colorful electronics, electronics learning for kids, prototyping materials

The packaging gives a diagram labeling each module. I love how it keeps things safe and that after each clean up you know you have each piece.

We are already in love with littleBits in our family. Today while her siblings were out, Anna pulled them out for some  alone play time, then she neatly put the circuits back into the box.

The packaging is great for storing and keeping the pieces organized and protected. At the end of each session, you know that you’ve got every piece if all the slots are filled.

Now it’s your turn to answer the discover and explore: What are littleBits? Because they’re different every time and in everyone’s hands.

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Learn more on the littleBits Facebook page or follow them on Twitter @littlebits.

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I received a complimentary starter kit for review purposes. I only promote or support services or products that I truly believe in and want to share with my readers.

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