What is a Mother’s Circle?

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At CROP Walk last fall.

I’ve always loved symbolism, something simple holding a greater, deeper meaning, and the circle, specifically, strikes me. It has a feeling to me, it feels whole and balanced, it feels like an embrace, inclusive. A circle is never-ending and strongly feminine, while also united with the masculine.

I chose the name Mother’s Circle when I opened my doula and birth education business  in Rhode Island in 2007, I’ve been in the childbirth world for over 10 years now and as I brainstormed ideas for my business identity, I kept visualizing circles. Arms in rings, mothers encircled, generations circling, loops of children holding hands, circles of women joined by experience.

Women protect one another within the circle of friendship, a circle is sharing, opening, giving of oneself, receiving from others. It is a hug, a kiss, a hand held.

leadership academy, leadership challenges, birthing circles, sharing circles, generations of women birthing, blessing way ceremonies, Supporting a Mom in labor, doulas and Dads may rub a Mom’s back in a circular pattern, breathing in and out is circular, the instinctive motion of a laboring Mom’s hips is circular. The opening of the cervix and the baby’s head crowning are circular as are the breast and Mom’s nipple. The new mother encircles her baby in loving arms, the newborn curls and curves into safety. I see circles everywhere.cooking eggs, eggs for birth, egg yolks, parenting tips, cooking eggs while camping, kappa kappa gamma, connecting to past generations,

A circle is a beginning and an end, it is the life cycle, it is birth, and death and rebirth. Birth is both a new beginning and age old. Birth connects us all to the beginning of humanity and to life for decades, centuries, millennia to come.

compass rose, stained glass, circular stained glass, symbolism in birth, women's groups, women supporting women, four seasonsThe four elements, earth, air, fire and water are circular as are the four directions on a compass rose, north, south, east, west; the seasons, the rotation of the Earth, the passage of time.

In the book, Mother Rising: The Blessingway Journey into Motherhood, a circle is said to mean unity, strength, protection, infinity, spirituality, wholeness and a ring represents completion, wholeness, unity, friendship, and eternal love.

I see circles everywhere, I love being a part of, and welcoming women into, the Mother’s Circle. mismatched socks, teen girls in socks, colorful socks, striped socks, four seasons, compass rose, meaning of a ring,


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