Ten Warning Signs of Teen Marijuana Addiction: What Parents Need to Know

signs of teen pot use, signs of marijuana addiction, marijuana addiction, signs of weed use, teen grass use, teen weed useMy thanks to Scott Brand for this guest post on recognizing teen marijuana addiction. Taken one by one, some of these signs may appear to be typical teenage behaviors, but use these signs with an open mind and to be aware of patterns.

For a lot of these signs, the key can be if you’ve noticed a CHANGE in these behaviors. It can be hard for parents to face and accept tough issues in our kids but they need us to advocate for them if they get on a troubled path. In the news today, Real Pot Use Up Among Teens.

Guest Post by Scott Brand

Do you know the signs of teen marijuana addiction? Do you know what to do if you suspect your teen is addicted?

Marijuana is also referred to as cannabis, or weed, grass, pot, dope, ganja, Mary Jane and countless other slang terms. Whatever the term, marijuana has been hypothesized by some researchers to be a gateway drug that leads to more serious teen drug abuse. Marijuana is the most often used illegal drug in the United States.

Ten Early Warning Signs of Teen Marijuana Addiction

Sign #1

Teens become secretive: If you ask them how their day was they often reply with one word answers. Teens may not want you to even know where they have been.

Sign #2

Teen marijuana substance abuse users start hanging out more outside of the home: Your teen, who was once a fixture in the household is never home anymore. He or she always has something to do outside of the house and they provide little detail about where they are going.

Sign #3

Teens do less with the family: The days of having your teen attend any of your popular family outings like camping trips, short vacations, or reunions are now a distant memory.
Some teens spend less time with their family when they use marijuana.

Sign #4

Aloof: If they do spend time with the family, there’s a kind of a strangeness to them. They become distant and less interested in other members of the family.

Sign #5

Unclean bedrooms: Their rooms aren’t being kept up anymore. A once tidy room is now a pig stye. Clothes are strewn all over the floor, beds are no longer made on a regular basis or perhaps not at all.

Sign #6

They’re not as meticulous about the way they look: Their clothes are disheveled and dirty. They shower less often and little things like their cuticles are not maintained.

Sign #7

They use eye drops like Visine to take the red out of their eyes: If you find a bottle of eye drops in your teens clothes while doing the laundry, you have real cause for concern. Healthy teens don’t often need eye strain medication.

Sign #8

You find drug paraphernalia in their room: Items in the form of rolling papers, pipes, a bong, roach clips are common-place when your teen is smoking marijuana. Drug paraphernalia is a pretty good indicator of a problem, and once teens acquire drug taking accessories, you can be sure they’ve passed the initial experimentation stage of use. They are not holding these things for friends.
Teens often hide drug paraphernalia in their room.

Sign #9

A sudden drop in academic performance: If your teen’s grades have begun to slip, there is a chance it is related to marijuana use. Research has shown much about marijuana’s negative effects on attention, memory, learning, and motivation.

Sign #10

Change in friends: When long-time friends of your teen, those who share the same values such as family and school, are seen less frequently and new ones, who look like trouble finds them easily, come into the picture, this may be a tell tale sign.

What can parents do if some or all of these signs of teen marijuana addiction match your child?

Parents should not be afraid to check their teen’s knapsacks or any other personal belongings that can reveal marijuana use. The same goes for the computer. A spot check of your teen’s social media profiles like Facebook or Instagram are perfectly acceptable. This applies to emails as well.

If all else fails and your child has ventured down a dangerous path that appears to be irreversible, it may be time to start searching for teen marijuana rehabs.

About Scott Brand:

Scott Brand works in the outreach department of Inspirations for Youth, one the nation’s leading Teen Adolescent Addiction Treatment Centers. He spends his time talking to the teens about their inspirational stories of recovery. He also performs the same duties for the Cove Center of Recovery.
In the next few months, Inspirations for Youth and Families will be reporting on the early warning signs of teen drug abuse. Each week they will explore a different drug that is currently being abused by teens and provide parents with helpful information which may assist them in detecting potential red flags.

© Copyright Leah DeCesare 2013

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17 Responses to Ten Warning Signs of Teen Marijuana Addiction: What Parents Need to Know

  1. Adler says:

    Hello I am a 14 year old boy. I’ve smoked pot for over two years now. All of these “signs” are completely untrue, those are the stereotypes of stoners. As teens mature, most of these things happen whether the teen is smoking pot or not. Its called puberty, and so your going to notice some changes. We spend time away from the house because that’s what teens do. We especially aren’t going to stay around if your overly suspicious. Weed isn’t the one making that happen. I have many friends who fit those descriptions perfectly, and they don’t smoke pot. Its part of human life. Ya, if you find a pipe or bong in their room, you’ve pretty much caught them red handed and you should talk to them. But you can’t notice your kid is smoking pot unless they are high right in front of you. Also pot doesn’t give you red eyes usually. You have to smoke a ton of it, and by that time you’d be so high it would be obvious by behavior. And academically, I read with a lexile of 1700, which is above collage level. I am doing 10th grade math. I’m not trying to convince you pot isn’t bad, but at least learn what the REAL signs are before accusing your child.

    • ldecesare says:

      Thank you for taking the time to comment on this post. Here is a response from the author:

      Thanks for your reply to http://www.inspirationsyouth.com guest blog post. You are definitely correct in your assertion that many of these signs are not set in stone and can be the result of other underlying issues as well such as puberty. But when collectively grouped together we call this clustering and if this should occur, there is no harm in parents becoming more observant or practice some of the actions that I have indicated on the blog.

      One important issue that you must understand is the deleterious effects of marijuana use on adolescents such as yourself.

      I am overjoyed that you have taken the time to form a well thought of response and I welcome you to participate in a guest blog on our web site at http://www.inspirationsforyouth.com/blog. We will first post your response and then follow with the article. I believe the most important part of this issue is that we are having a healthy dialogue. With your permission we will post your response on our blog and respond point by point and of course we would welcome your participation as well as your friends in furthering this discussion.

      Thanks again for reaching out.

      • Vicente Santos says:

        I am 14 and have been smoking for about 2 years as well and my dad Is a methamphetamine addict and my mother has dealt with that and I understand but the way she speaks to me is the exact opposite of “a healthy dialouge” and I need unbiased facts regarding possible similar situations and ways to cope or change this. I have researched perception of others and have observed everything around me wether biotic or abiotic and have learned… I just want to learn and understand…

  2. Scott Brand says:

    Thanks for your comments marian@drugandalcoholrehabcenters to the original Mother’s Circle blog post at http://motherscircle.net/warning-signs-of-teen-marijuana-addiction/ Did you know that according to NIDA Teens whose parents talk to them regularly about the dangers of drugs are 42% less likely to use drugs than those whose parents don’t

  3. Jim says:

    Fear mongering at it’s finest

  4. scott says:

    Respectfully, some of the long term marijuana use effects include: memory loss, psychosis, paranoia, uncontrollable anger, distorted reality, and schizophrenia. When a teen is afflicted by any of the above mentioned effects, it can be debilitating, rendering them unable to continue or graduate high school. This is serious business!!!

    • Adler says:

      Im on the path to graduate early…

    • Lemon says:

      The only reason for paranoia is because the law enforces uses violence for a not violent “crime”
      As for uncontrollable anger….. seriously??? I am a prior cop and I would much rather deal with a stoner who is NON violent than a domestic violence situation due to the consumption and abuse of alcohol.
      Distorted reality… Its called meditation.
      And last but not least….
      Schizophrenia…. There is no evidence to support your accusations to presume this to be in the slightest bit truthful. Present links of an accredited and respected department on these studies.

  5. Arl's World says:

    Adler, the 14 year old boy above is correct. #’s 1-4 especially, for the most are part of a normal teen activities as they grow from a child to a teen. Now if you are noticing #’s 6-10 …then it might be time for concern. Just my thoughts 🙂

  6. Scott Brand says:

    Once again. I would love to have a healthy polite discussion on your opinions about this topic on Google hangouts. I can be reached at sbrand1@bellsouth.net and please like our Facebook page

  7. jimbo says:

    I smoke pot with my mom.

  8. Smoking cannabis got me through high school, and I passed with above a 4.0, 18 credit hours for college, and plenty of academic scholarships.

    Smoking weed only makes your grades slip if you had the capacity to make lower grades in the first place

    Sounds like the disciplinarian needs to teach their teens some self-discipline, rather than unreasonable, pseudoscienctific discipline. Bogus excuses for an herb that does more good than harm (which grows naturally, and isn’t synthesized in a big-pharma laboratory, for profit).

    Self-discipline and a moral compass are all I needed to succeed in school, and most aspects of my life. If I didn’t have cannabis growing up, I’d probably have ended my life a long time ago.

    It’s just a flower.

  9. scott says:

    Thanks @deeperthanhell and Jimbo for your comments. If you would like to have a point and counterpoint on this topic please let me know.

  10. Lemon says:

    You just explained the average teenager…. I have ADD and cannabis was the only reason I was able to graduate high school. Educate yourself before you slander one of Gods greatest natural gifts to mankind.

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