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Top Mommy Blogs is a directory of Mommy Blogs that are ranked, categorized and rated. They boast over 4500 blogs in 30 different categories. I’m a member and that’s the huge number of blogs I’m competing with! 🙂

I am currently ranked #15 in the Family Life category (#69 overall) and I’m working to break into the top 10 in my very populated category. I would appreciate your votes!

As a Mother’s Circle reader, I hope you’ll consider voting for me, your vote will count once in every 24 hour period, so if you’re really enthusiastic, please click every now and then! Every click helps me! And clicks from different IP addresses are terrific if you happen to work and live using different IP addresses. (Now I’m really asking a lot of you!)

All you need to do is click on one of the Top Mommy Blog images
in my side bar or at the bottom of my blog posts and
once you land on the Top Mommy Blogs home page, you’ve voted!

Thank you!

This is one time when “vote early vote often” is actually legal! Click once from my blog (not from an email if you’re a subscriber) in each 24 hours and it’ll count!

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Click here to help me get into the Top 10 in my category!

I know you’re a busy Mom and I thank you for taking a moment to vote for Mother’s Circle on Top Mommy Blogs! I’m so happy and grateful to have your support!

Happy Friday  & Have a wonderful weekend!



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