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Thank you to Wendy Dessler for this guest post on tips for healthy kids.

Tips for Healthy Kids | motherscircle.netWe all want healthy, well-balanced children. We want them to enjoy physical activity and we want to provide them with foods to fuel their bodies and minds.

Unfortunately, we live in an instant world where snacks are loaded with sugars, fats, and just enough nutritional value to earn a government okay to label them healthy.

Children develop their taste from the foods we give them. They are not mature enough to decide what is good and what is not. Even adults have problems in this area.

Further, how we present something to them can build excitement or dread. This is true with their lifestyles, diets, and special treats.

Developing active lifestyles

Long before a child can speak, he or she learns that movement is essential.

Movement allows them to achieve mobility. Movement is a natural ability which we learn to harness and master. It allows us expression and teaches us balance, coordination, and focus.

Dance is very beneficial to developing children. Not only does it challenge them physically, but it matures their social graces, teamwork, problem-solving skills, social awareness, and emotional maturity. Allowing a child to take dance class is a wise parental choice which is good for your child on many levels, but to the child, it is just fun.

Food is fuel

Just as introducing your child to dance is a calculated decision to improve their physical and emotional health, we must make conscious choices in the foods we give our child. Just like the concept that dance to a child is just something fun, healthy food can be introduced in a way that is fun and acceptable to a child.

You can explain to your 4-year-old that whole grain bread is healthy and provides fiber to their bodies. You will probably get a blank stare in response. Or you can offer your child a sandwich made with whole grain bread with a smile and the assurance that you have something really cool for them.

You can add excitement by cutting the bread into shapes with cookie cutters, or make faces with bits of fruit.  The mood is set by you, the mature adult. The child feels they are being given something fun so they will have an open mind.

Your child doesn’t need to know that fruit is nature’s energy. To understand that some juice before dance will give them some super-power.

The special treats

Sooner or later you will be in a position where you are hosting the event for your child’s birthday, class party, dance graduation, or another event that usually requires a table filled with pounds of sugar!

Instead of traditional cupcakes and ice cream, consider a candy buffet made with sugar-free candy. A candy buffet is beautiful and fun to create and your online candy supplier has lines of candy that are sugar-free, gluten-free, fat-free, allergy friendly and kosher.

The children only know they are getting bags filled with sweet goodness.

You have the power

With these tips, you see that you have the power to give your children a great and healthy lifestyle. Make the right choices and present them with excitement and everybody wins.


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