Themed Cakes and Cupcakes

themed cakes and cupcakes, pink flower cupcakes, decorating cakes with marshmallows, marshmallow flowers, pink cupcake ideas, pretty cupcakes, I love to decorate themed cakes and cupcakes for a party. Years ago when I was making all sorts of pretty cupcakes, before the big cupcake trendy boom, my Mom teased me a little for showing up for adult events with cupcakes. I love entertaining with a theme and baking to match.

Cupcakes are perfect for adult parties and kids’ birthday parties alike. They’re the just right single portion and make a great visual impact stacked on towers or filling a pedestal dish.

Nick is an artist and so many times, I’d bake the cake and the joy of decorating it went to him (I could never make Ariel look like a mermaid!) I handled the more simple patterns and designs. In the past few years, Ali and Anna have joined in, and have kind of taken over, our family’s decorating endeavors.

Through the years, there have been rocket ship cakes for space parties, Jell-O that glowed from beneath for a glow in the dark party and cute frog cupcakes for a princess party (we read the Frog Prince story, had a frog pinata and pin-the-kiss-on-the-frog at that one).  We have also made a lipstick shaped cake for a girly spa party, a blue patch-worked cake (the cake inside was a pattern of blue and yellow cake) for Michael’s “Blue Party.” Dinosaurs have marched across cakes and crystalized snow flakes have glittered upon them.

For my grandmother’s 90th birthday, my Mom handed me a ripped out magazine picture of an outrageous cake complete with a water body and beach. “Can you please make this for grandma’s birthday party?” she asked. I took on the challenge and painstakingly, for my grandma, iced bikinis and sunglasses on Teddy Grahams, built a Jell-O pond, laid out the taffy beach towels. For the umpteen hours of labor, I enjoyed a sweet moment of praise as everyone oohed and aahed at the cake before cutting in.

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One of my favorites was the bumblebee and lady bug party.

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Ali adored smiley faces when she was two so we had a fun and easy theme to celebrate, nothing better than something that starts with a simple circle. Even I could decorate a smiley face!

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Anna had a Flying Pig birthday party this year. I made these with a slice of marshmallow  and two chocolate chips for the nose. The ears are sugary-sweet pink wafer cookies and the eyes chocolate chips again.

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Here’s a cupcake golf course that Ali made for my father to celebrate the Master’s this spring. We were hanging out at their house for a few days of spring break. We’d taken a long, invigorating hike then Ali dove into a baking project, just because.

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We’ve done a clown cake for a circus party, a giraffe cake for a zoo party (that one was fun with a foam core cage the kids could go into) and an Ariel cake for a Little Mermaid shindig. Anna was obsessed with the Little Mermaid for years before she had ever even seen the movie. Nick has carved pumpkins with Ariel, we’ve made Ariel pancakes and even Anna’s American Girl doll has an Ariel costume.

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Ali and Anna love to bake and their specialty are these gorgeous flower cupcakes. They cut the tiny marshmallows diagonally, separately color sugar (sugar in a zip lock baggie with a drop of food color), and dip the sticky cut side into the sugar. Then they place them in a petal pattern around the cupcakes and finish with three shimmery nonpareil pearls.  These are my favorites and I petition them to create them for me for various occasions. I’ll hire them out if you want a batch of these elegant cupcakes! Wouldn’t they be beautiful at a wedding or shower?

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Other fun creations over the years are Ali’s first birthday flowers and leaves cakes. She was my first little girl and I created a flowery first birthday party theme.

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Here is Ali’s Mardi Gras King cake (the purple came out a little gray) with the baby buried in it and all. She took it to school for her French class to share.

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And in the spirit of transportation, Michael’s first birthday party was a train theme and this month, for my Dad who loves to sail, we built an origami sail boat for his cake.

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One year, we had a Bounce and Build party for Michael with Legos, a bounce house and lots of toothpicks and marshmallows for building creations. I simply took (clean) large Lego bricks and tucked them neatly onto white icing. It was easy, had a cute visual appeal and the kids pocketed their Lego brick to add to their growing collections at home. Of course, Legos were the favors at that party.

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Happy Baking! Please share some of your favorite themed cakes and cupcakes. Post a picture on Mother’s Circle Facebook Page and I’ll add it to this post with a credit to you!

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