Thank You Note to Moms

A Thank You Note to Moms

I was sitting and imagining what it would be like to receive a thank you from my kids.

We don’t become Moms for recognition or acknowledgement, we do it for the relationships we build with our children. We do it from a place of selfless, boundless love.

But we deserve to be thanked for our tireless, passionate, endless work as Moms. We don’t get sick days, personal days and we really don’t even get Mother’s Day off, do we?

So here is the thank you note every Mom should get. This is for you!

Never say you’re “just a mom” and know that your work is the most important there is!

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Dear Mom –

Thank you for all you do for me and our family.

Thank you for picking up my socks, my Legos, my bouncy balls, my crayons, shoes, towels and cars, my books, my crafts, my underwear, my DS games, teddy bears, magic markers, my pajamas, more Legos, my Play Doh, my Squinkies, my hair clips, my slippers and all the things we leave in a path behind us everywhere around the house.

I know you spend a lot of your day just picking up the things we left around between coming home from school and going to bed. I  just wanted you to know I appreciate it!

Thanks for cooking for us, it must really take a lot of work to plan meals, to go to the grocery store, to read labels and pick the best foods to keep our bodies healthy. It must take a lot of time and energy to put the food into the cart, out of the cart to pay, into the cart, out of the cart to the car, out of the car, into the house, out of the bags and then into the pantry; all before you cook us dinner. Great job! (I’ll try not to say, “Eww” or “Yuck” anymore.)mom and daughters, two girls, sisters, thanks Mom, appreciating Moms, Mother's Day, ideas for thanking Moms, raising children, disciplining kids,

I know that when you have rules and consequences, it’s because you love us, thanks for setting limits and disciplining me even though it’s no fun for you, even though it’s exhausting. It will help me learn and have good character.

Thanks for the years of cleaning up my boogers, my throw up and wiping my hiney. Thanks for teaching me to do those things for myself; and for teaching me to tie my shoes, get dressed on my own and use a real cup with no cover! I really needed you to help me grow up, Mom!

Thank you for teaching me to be organized, to do my homework, clean my room and to practice my instrument. I’m learning to be responsible which helps me feel positive about myself. Thanks for pushing me even when I complain and argue with you.

Thank you for not letting me quit the team when I wanted to. Sticking with it taught me to be a good sport, to follow through, and to persevere. I’ll need those skills to succeed in life.

three kids, siblings, blogs on parenting, new parents blog, parenting advice, positive parenting, practical parenting,Thank you for believing in me, encouraging me to do my best and to try new things.I love myself and I am proud of myself. I have confidence and I believe in myself because of you. Thank you for supporting my dreams and ideas, even when they seem far-fetched or silly to you. I need to make mistakes and have failures to grow, so thanks for being there when I’m down, and for helping me find my way back up.

Thank you for modeling how to be respectful, kind to others and patient with old people. I am always watching you. I watch you make eye contact when you talk, I watch you bring dinner to a sick friend and I see you taking care of yourself. Even though I don’t always LISTEN to you, I do always hear you. I hear how you use good manners, how you listen to a friend, how you laugh with grandma.

I admit, even though I’ve grumbled, I’m glad you drag us to volunteer to clean up the park or serve dinner to people in need. Because of your example, I understand the importance of service.

Thank you for being there to talk through problems and to ask you questions, any questions.Thanks for answering honestly about kissing and sex; and for explaining all those words I learned on the school  bus.

Thanks for making time for me. For stopping what you’re doing to listen to me. I know you’re busy, but that let’s me know that I’m valuable to you.

mom and daughter, parenting blogs, girl in yellow dress, mom in red dress,Mom, thanks for driving me all over the town and state to friends, tryouts, activities, performances, games, concerts, auditions and practices. I know I couldn’t do all these fun things without you. And thanks for driving home and back when I forget my LaCrosse stick for a LaCrosse game or my tennis racket for a tennis match. You’re the best, Mom! Oh, and thanks for cheering for me and showing up to watch me. Even when I don’t act like it, it really means a lot to have you there.

Thanks for volunteering in my school, for kissing me good-bye, even in front of my friends, and for hugging me when I come home. Thanks for reading with me and for making me read even when I moan.

Thanks for noticing when I do kind things, help around the house or make the right choice. I really like when you notice the good things I do, it makes me want to do more.

You’re teaching me life skills, you’re helping me learn how to become a happy and healthy adult one day. You’re giving me limits and structure but also space and confidence to step out toward independence.

You’re teaching me that my attitude and the way I look at life makes all the difference.

You’re doing an awesome job, Mom! Keep up the good work!

I love you. Thank you for loving me in all the ways that you do.


Your Child

© Copyright 2013 Leah DeCesare

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13 Responses to Thank You Note to Moms

  1. Danielle says:

    Leah – Did you interview my children for this letter? Such a beautifully written letter from a beautiful person!

    • ldecesare says:

      Thanks, Danielle. Yes, your children had a lot of gratitude for you to share with me! And one day, they’ll write you a letter themselves that expresses it! Somewhere deep down, they know how incredibly important, valuable and hardworking you are!

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  6. raquela martinez says:

    this is the cutest note ever are you sure a kid wrote it.

  7. S Culbertson says:

    I certainly think all moms deserve thank you notes for all they do… However, although my mom would read every word of whatever one of her kids wrote, lists and something this long would bore her silly… As with cards, she likes things simple and to the point, and I tend to agree. To each her own..Most moms don’t need a recap of all they’ve done for you. Plus, simplicity makes it so much more easy to focus on the true “sentiment”, that comes from the heart.

    • ldecesare says:

      Thanks for your comment. This is less of a “real” thank you note to moms and more of a fun note to acknowledge all the things moms do that go unrecognized. It’s a show of appreciation that moms rarely get. It’s great that you know what your mom likes – I’m sure she’ll love whatever heartfelt thanks you give her!

  8. GlamMama says:

    Sweet ….. Thank you for sharing it brought back many memories . Although it’s been many years since I’ve had the pleasure of spending time with the kids at that age. I now find myself missing every bit of it, you see now both my kids are married and doing those same duties with their family’s and my husband job transferred us away. So again I thank you my friend for sharing this sweet note that truly made me smile, as it brought a tear to my eye, and for bringing me up from a really deep hole. You showed me the light at the end of the tunnel and gave me reason to wake up in the morning, walk towards it and smile knowing that I’m not done with my children. I’ve just started a new chapter in my life. The chapter for my grandchildren I have had 3 that we were blessed to have join our family. We don’t get to spend time with them. On the bright side my daughter just gave birth to a beautiful daughter that will give me reason to travel more and she can keep me busy for a long while. Thanks blessings to you all!

    • ldecesare says:

      I wrote this a few years ago and can say I’m already missing some of the daily craziness of having little ones around.
      Congratulations on raising your babies well and on being a grandma! What a joy and a blessing. Have a Happy Mother’s Day!

  9. Princes says:

    My dad is not talkative… Also u may not understand he is happy or not but t pains him inside soo much cause of the love he has for us … Though he cant say t…. I lov him so much ….

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