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First Signs of Pregnancy

August 8, 2013

signs of pregnancy, first signs of pregnancy, early pregnancy signs, am I pregnany?, morning sickness, nausea and pregnancy, what helps morning sickness, cures for morning sicknessThank you to Erin McCormick for this guest post on the first signs of pregnancy.

It came on like rolling up a tube of toothpaste. I was standing in my shower when a wave of energy started in my feet and came all the way up my body. Swirling around in my stomach, I felt the nausea come on suddenly, as it moved through the rest of my body. I could feel it from my toes to my fingers with such intensity that I had a migraine in minutes. I had never had a migraine before and wasn’t sure if it was the cause of the nausea or the other way around.

This was the first sign that let me know I was pregnant.

One friend of mine described waking up thinking, “Oh crap, I’m sick.” She said she was extremely lethargic with no energy. Her breasts started swelling almost immediately. For her, early pregnancy tests were still coming up negative. Another friend said that she started noticing a sensitivity to food and smells, but didn’t have many of the other symptoms.