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How to Live in the Gratitude Circle

November 26, 2014

How to Live in the Gratitude Circle | Do you live in the Gratitude Circle?

It can be tough sometimes but it’s so worth it when I get there. I find that the more I give thanks, the more I have to be thankful for. The Gratitude Circle builds gratefulness from gratefulness. The more you count your blessings, the more blessings you have to count.

Looking actively for things to be thankful for multiplies those very things. By seeing them, we automatically increase them. I have a 5-year gratitude journal that I love, it’s a quick way to remind myself every day of all I have in my life and it helps to make gratitude a habit. Create a structure for yourself that builds thankfulness into your day.

Technology for Moms: Simplified or Sidetracked

October 1, 2012

I’m a Mom who loves her technology but only to a point. When I got my new iPhone 3GS years ago, it changed my life in a really positive way. I can use my time so much more efficiently and now smart technologies have become habitual and feel utterly necessary. As a busy Mom, how […]