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Share Your Birth Story on Mother’s Circle

January 10, 2016

Share Your Birth Story | MothersCircle.netMoms need to share their birth story, or stories, sometimes many times, as a part of the emotional work of integrating the birth.

There are so many valuable reasons to tell our stories, to share our births, and to find our strengths through the retelling.

We each make the best decisions for ourselves and our families with the information we have at any point in a labor or birth and we need to be kind in our judgments of ourselves as birthing women. Honor these moments that make us mothers.

Whether a first baby or fourth bundle, women remember the birth story for each of their babies throughout their lives. We carry those feelings of awe or disappointment, of bliss or worry, of empowerment or loss.

Readers, Twitter followers, and birth story junkies have reached out to me over the years which prompted me to post the stories of each of my very different births. A  hospital birth with epidural, episiotomy and even a vacuum extraction, a Cesarean section and a natural, unmedicated water birth.