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Reflections on a High School Reunion

July 30, 2013

high school reunion, thinking about high school, old high school friends, preparing for high school reunion, going to high school reunionMy voice is hoarse and crackling, my face is sore from smiling and my heart feels a little fuller after a weekend spent among classmates from another era. As my daughter plays and romps in the years we reminisced about, I marvel at the passage of time even as it seems to stand still.

A High School Reunion can let us revisit, for a short time, our younger selves from the secure and steady position of our adult selves. It can give us a glimpse into the relative naive innocence of our teens, or put a new perspective on an experience from a parent’s point of view.

I felt the joy of reconnecting even if simply to hear where someone is living and where life has taken them. We share a history, however loose or strong, while having been absent in each others’ lives for decades perhaps.

Vivid, crisp memories, mixed with blurry-edged ones. Memories nestled down and hidden from view were pulled out like a favorite old album from an attic chest; dusted off and given light, once retrieved, they were clear again. How had that moment, that nugget of my life, that sliver of friendship been forgotten? I felt gratitude as those nuggets were passed around, shined up and brought back to me to hold again.