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Hacked – My Apologies!

August 7, 2018

I was surprised to see a new post from Mother’s Circle this morning! Clearly, I was hacked and I apologize! We all have enough overload in our inboxes, I’m sorry to have added to yours today. I’ve changed passwords and taken measures to prevent another intrusion. 

As a Mother’s Circle follower, you’ve noticed I’ve not been actively blogging as I’ve shifted my focus to writing novels. However, I’m keeping the page alive because of all the content that is still viewed thousands of times daily. 

If there’s a topic you’re interested in, parenting questions you have, or if you’re a writer and would like to have me review a post for possible publication on Mother’s Circle, please reach out to me. I also invite you to share your birth story(stories) for posting. You can find my current activity over on and follow me on social media. 

Thanks for being here all these years!

Hope you’re having a wonderful summer with your family!