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Expecting More Than to Coexist

April 3, 2013

tree with blue sky, white tree, white tree on blue ground, winter tree, leafless tree, birch, tree of life, humanity tree, coexist, You know the “Coexist” bumper sticker? It bugs me. I think it’s simply setting the bar way too low.

We already live together with people of all different backgrounds, philosophies, theologies, colors of skin … shouldn’t we want more than to simply be able to be in the same space together?

In teaching our children about life, the tippy top lesson is really all about LOVE. Love yourself, love your neighbors. Manners, household chores, siblings, homework, athletics … it all boils down to love. Simply love. Coexisting isn’t loving, it’s eeking by. It’s occupying space side by side.

To be clear, I have nothing against the Coexist Foundation or their mission or work. There are so many organizations of good in this world, the generosity is breathtaking; I simply argue with the word “coexist” as being too weak and diluted.

Words like tolerance come to mind when I see the coexist symbols. Does anyone want to be just tolerated?

I see it as an issue of an open heart and an open mind, welcoming and accepting and cherishing each individual. We’re not going to bond, hit it off or even like everyone we meet but I live my life and teach our kids to live being kind and acting with love and respect toward everyone they meet. And everyone they don’t meet. Disagree, sure. Do it with respect and kindness.