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tabata songs, tabata workout music, tabata training, tabata timing, tabata intervals, interval training music, timed music, barefoot truth music, Tabata songs are the perfect way to time your Tabata interval training workouts. Easier and more inspiring than a timer, these original, timed songs can kick up your routine. My friend Jay Driscoll along with Barefoot Truth band-mate John “Wayno” Waynelovich wrote, performed and recorded these songs specifically for Tabata training.

Jay explains how Tabata Songs originated: “While on tour, we have found Tabata Training to be the quickest, most effective form of exercise. For us, it is perfect for a quick hotel room workout. We hated staring at a clock to time the intervals, so we decided to just make music that tells the listener when to GO and when to STOP. Its basically like having a personal trainer on your iPod!”

What’s Tabata?

Ideal for busy Moms, the Tabata Protocol for interval training, though not new, is quickly gaining in popularity. Developed in 1996 by Japanese fitness researcher Dr. Izumi Tabata, its studied benefits include fat-loss, building cardio fitness and muscle retention, increased metabolism and muscular endurance.

jay driscoll, barefoot truth, barefoot truth in concert, creators of tabata songs,

Jay and Wayno, Tabata Songs creators,
performing at a Barefoot Truth concert

Whether you’ve just been given the thumbs up to exercise after a baby, whether you’re chasing a toddler or working out with your teen – a huge benefit for Moms is that it can be done in 4 minutes. It’s high intensity training with intervals of 20 seconds and a 10 second rest in between.

Here are some tools and videos to help you design Tabata intervals that work for you.

Benefits of Tabata Songs

Tabata Songs allow you the freedom to focus on your training without fussing with a timer, stop watch or juggling a smart phone app. Just listen to the music to guide you. The music is your coach, take it to the park, the beach, the kids playground and go! Find tools in your daily life to use in your intervals.

Try step ups onto a balance beam or curb, pull ups on the monkey bars, or planking beside a baby’s playmat. For Tabata Intervals to be effective, though, the activities must be intense. According to Dr. Tabata’s site, Tabata Official, many people do not do it correctly, but if you do, one 4 minute Tabata interval will burn the same calories as one hour of biking plus you will have an “after burn” effect where you’ll burn another 150 calories up to 12 hours following your workout.

Tabata Songs really make getting fit and stronger so accessible for busy, over-scheduled, who-has-time Moms. top mommy blogs, vote for blog, vote for Mothers Circle, what is Top Mommy BlogsYou can opt to have a coach count you in and out of intervals or just listen along to the music for your cues. Download the first album of Tabata Songs here.

Check out this video of a Tabata training in Vietnam with a Tabata Song.

This fall, along with Jay’s brother, Peter Driscoll, a phys-ed teacher, they plan to release TabataKIDS. TabataKIDS will be a fun workout created specifically for kids! Stay tuned!

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Download the first album of Tabata Songs

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