How Are You Spending Your Mother’s Day?

Happy Mother's Day 2017 |

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you mamas out there!

How will you be spending your day this year?
What are your Mother’s Day traditions?

Our observations of the day for moms seem to have changed and evolved through the years as life circumstances shifted and kids grew up. There were the years when the kids were little when I guiltily wanted to be kid-free for Mother’s Day – oh, what a joy to be quiet, uninterrupted, to read or garden or shop or WHATEVER without a small body draped on mine or calling my name repeatedly. If that’s the state you’re in – go ahead and indulge – this is a no-judgement zone.

There were the years we celebrated with my grandmother, my mother and my mother-in-law all together, and the years when we were a bit too far away for a Sunday event, or my in-laws were still snowbirding in the south. There were the years after my grandmother died, the year we spent in Mother’s Day in the emergency room, or hiking, or lounging with a book. But every year begins with my favorite breakfast of lox, bagels and vine-ripened tomatoes, surrounded by my husband and kids.

Their handmade cards and flower-sprouts-in-Styrofoam-cups gifts are long gone, but I look at them now and see a different gift. They have grown into confident, capable and kind young people and I can say with pride that I’ve done a damn good job mothering them. (Well, who else is going to say it? Take your credit proudly!)

Who knows how we’ll spend this Sunday, but I know it will honor my role in this family and my link to mothers everywhere throughout time. This Sunday, I honor you and I’m wishing you a wonderful day doing whatever it is your heart desires.

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Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day!


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