Skipping Halloween

bat carving on pumpkin, eating pumpkin seeds, Hurricane Sandy, Halloween traditions, why do we celebrate Halloween?Here on the east coast, we may actually be skipping Halloween, and it won’t really bother me. With this hurricane-noreaster-monster storm coming and lurking around, we may have a rain-out for Halloween night. The kids costumes are ready (well, almost) and have been selected and changed myriad times since last October 31st. So what happens if it’s pouring frightening amounts of rain on that candy-filled night?

Since my birthday falls right after Halloween, growing up, my Mom threw me many a Halloween-themed birthday party with scary stories complete with sensory details and dressed-up guests. As an adult, I’m just not that into this holiday. I feel stressed by coming up with a couple’s costume for an annual adult party (though the party is always fun once we figure out the attire) and I go through hoops to limit the candy consumption by the whole family for the month of November. (Incidentally, October candy keeps great for winter birthday pinatas.)

scooping pumpkin seeeds, eating seeds, girls and Halloween, Halloween party ideas, chocolate, Sure, I like the crisp autumn air, greeting neighbors and strolling in the dark. I love the availability of chocolate and the creativity of homemade costumes (my oldest came up with a clever sushi costume at the last minute before a weekend party). I love carving Jack-O-Lanterns and the salty roasted seeds but couldn’t we at least decide as a country to move the trick-or-treating tradition to a weekend night? Do we really need to be so strict with the October 31st thing? School nights, artificial colors, high fructose corn syrup, horror movies, sticky teeth and kids up way too late, I’m not a huge fan.

Yet even if Hurricane Sandy takes away Wednesday’s trick-or-treats, as a sorting and trading candy, candy arch, artificial colors and kids, kids brushing teeth, favorite Halloween candyMom, I know we won’t be skipping Halloween. Somehow, I’m sure there will be a make-up. We’ll tour the pumpkin laden stoops, venture past smoky plastic coffins and clackety, glowing skeletons to collect candy. Lot’s of candy. And I will smile happily as I watch the joy in my kids’ faces as they run ahead to the next house, shout the magic words, and taste their favorite treats. I’ll laugh with our friends as we circle together or pass in the night.  I’ll grin, remembering doing the same thing, as they sort, trade, resort and re-trade their stash.

Even with its grown-up drawbacks, I guess Halloween isn’t so bad after all.

Stay safe in the storm!

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2 Responses to Skipping Halloween

  1. Danielle says:

    Happy Halloween Leah! I love the pic of the candy line-up. I was feeling the same way about Halloween and I think it’s because it starts way too early and it’s not as meaningful as other holidays, birthdays, etc so we get turned off by the frenzy and over commercialization.

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