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sell old DVDs online, music magpie, making extra money online, helping kids make money selling, organizing cds, cleaning old DVDs, tag sales, yard sales DVD, Music Magpie is a site I recently learned about that let’s you sell old DVDs online. Somehow, we have way too many CDs in our house. They’re stacked up and hidden away, taking up space in our TV armoire barely ever looked at, let alone listened to.

So I’m taking the plunge, paring down and selling whole towers of old CDs. I remember my first CD player and the feel of opening a new CD and now I chuckle as they collect dust and I listen to my iPod while cleaning out our old music collection!

As the kids outgrow their DS and Wii games, I can sell those, too. Selling your unwanted CDs, DVDs and games is really straightforward and easy on the Music Magpie site. You enter your item’s bar code number and they give you a price. There’s no shipping fees or sellers fees – it’s free to use.

So there’s your inspiration to dive in and sort out your TV consul and your kids movie collection. Organize yourself, sell old DVDs online and make a little extra money!baskets of CDs, baskets of DVDs, organizing DVDs, sell old DVDs online, sell old CDs online, make money from old DVDs, make money from old CDs and games,

I love the feeling of purging, cleaning and organizing. When our Christmas Elves arrived this year, they made mischief messing up every cabinet and drawer that really needed my attention. In my cleaning frenzies, I donate a lot to organizations like Big Sisters or the Salvation Army, but sometimes it’s nice to make a little extra money off of your old stuff. I’ve tried tag sales (garage sales, yard sales depending on where you live), but for all of the work to promote and run a yard sale, I often feel it’s just not worth it. (Besides, Nick had boycotted helping me anymore on my tag sale adventures. He just rolls his eyes when I even suggest it now!)

So without much effort, I’m all on board with selling some entertainment stuff we no longer use! As incentive to join in on the “BIG CD-GAME-DVD CLEAN OUT,” the kids will get the money for any of the games or discs they part with and it also offers a quick lesson for them in personal finance for kids.

Love this solution for your unwanted DVDs, electronic games and CDs – sell them online from the coziness of your home!

Let me know if you give it a try and how you liked it!

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