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I’m proud to be a part of a fantastic group of women bloggers in Rhode Island, the Rhody Bloggers. Many I am grateful to call my friends, others I know only online but reading their blogs makes me feel like I really do know them! We have a wealth of amazing writers, thinkers, creators, travelers, doers, givers, entertainers, adventurers among us – enjoy perusing their blogs, listed below.

Stop by for a visit when you have a chance!

Introducing the Rhody Bloggers:

Alicia- Born Ready Baby

Andrea – Newport Style Phile

Audrey, Sharon and Jane – Mom Generations

Candice – The New Modern Momma

Carla – All Of Me Now

Chelley- A is for Adelaide

Courtney – The Mod Mommy

Danielle – Rock Paper Snips

Elizabeth – DocuMama

Elizabeth – Learning To Juggle

Erika- Fox Trot Press

Heather – Housewife Heather

Heather – Kraus House Mom

Jackie – Venting Sessions

Jane – Mom Generations

Jen – Keekoin

Jenn – Savor The Thymebuoys, rhode island, living in rhode island, blogging in RI, writers in RI, RI writers, red and white buoys

Jennifer – Multiple Realities

Jessica – 30 Something Mother Runner

Jessica – Keeping Mommy Sane

Joanna – Baby Gators Den

Jodi – Blush Mamas

Kameron – My Wrinkle In Time

Kerri – Six Until Me

Kirsten- The Queen of the Earth

Laura – My So Called Sensory Life

Lauren – Don’t Lick The Trashcan

Liza – Cira’s Lyrics

Mary- Tall Mom Tiny Baby

Megan – A Baby Makes Four

Melissa – Marching to a Different Beat

Melissa – A Woman of Steel

Melissa – The Mommyhood Chronicles

Michele – Dodging Acorns

Michele – The Little Things

Michelle – Wildflowers Studio

Renee – Lute Family

Sarah – Simply Mommies

Sarah – Soxy’s Diamond

Sarah – Sweet Lil You

Sheri – When The Kids Go To Bed

Stephanie – Everyday Family Living

Tera – Girl Gone Healthy


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  1. Virginia says:

    How wonderful! I saw a friend in a Linky Party mention a Connecticut blogger group and googled “Rhody Bloggers” and came up with this list on multiple sites! And here I wondered if I was the only one! I found the Facebook group and requested to join. I’m a fashion, Beauty and DIY blogger.

    More to Mrs. E

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