Regrowing Lettuce – Fun Activity for Kids

grow lettuce from lettuce, science project for kids, romain lettuce, using stump of lettuceA month ago, at my friend’s house, she had a row of Romain lettuce stubs floating in glasses of water on her window sill. Puzzled, she explained to me that she was regrowing lettuce.

She’d learned about it from this post about thirteen different vegetables that regrow themselves. I was intrigued and introduced this new fun activity for the kids.

I used the short tea cups (who uses those little things?) that came with an old set of dishes. We put the cut off stumps of Romain lettuce filled with about 1/2 – 2/3 water and changed the water ever two or three days.

We started to see the lettuce sprout with tiny fresh green the very next day! We were amazed that we were actually regrowing lettuce! All three kids found something to love about it,  Ali wanted to show her high school biology teacher and carted off some Romain stubs to school. (I’m not sure they made to the classroom, but her interest was there!)

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Then after another few days we saw more growth.

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At the same time, we also planted one stump into a pot of dirt since the article said the leaves would grow bigger in dirt. Sure enough, they really did grow fuller. I plan to start putting them right into my garden from spring until it’s too hot in early summer.

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Finally, after regrowing lettuce from about five ends, with a few of them having formed stems up the center, we picked our crop.

As we put the leaves into the bowl, they smelled bitter to me and I thought, “Well, it was a fun science experiment but these aren’t going to taste good.” The harvest was small but a bright, healthy green; that night, instead of individual salad bowls, we passed the serving dish and each took a few bites.

Surprisingly, despite the smell, our regrown lettuce tasted delicious! Not at all bitter, but fresh and tender.

So on we grow and regrow. Now we’ll have to experiment with other ends of lettuces.

Try regrowing lettuce and tell me your results.

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