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Mother’s Circle is a Rhode Island based company offering birth doula and postpartum doula services, childbirth education, lactation and sleep support and guidance for families expecting or caring for new babies.

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My job is all about supporting, listening, comforting, educating and empowering moms, dads and partners during pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum. What this means to each family varies; we will work together to create an individualized support plan that will meet your family’s unique needs and comfort levels.

Birth and new parenthood are transformative life experiences. It can be simultaneously joyous, intense and breathtaking; it can be overwhelming and puzzling.  Every new mom deserves the loving, non-judgmental support that a trained doula can provide during labor and the early weeks with her baby(ies).

At a birth, dads, partners and grandparents benefit greatly from a doula’s support as well, freeing them to experience the birth without the added cultural pressure of being mom’s sole support.  A doula allows dads and partners to comfort and support mom the way they know best, a doula is part of the birth circle, and not a replacement for a dad or partner.


Education is the key to empowerment and knowing your options gives you options. Own your birth! I provide private and group childbirth education classes, VBAC education and individualized, in-home care to help you get nursing off to the best start. Weekend getaway Baby Moon Education Retreats which combine fun, relaxation and a mini-vacation while learning about normal birth.

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Sleep consultations can help you lay the groundwork for healthy sleep in your infant, and learn the signs of your baby’s readiness to sleep independently.  If you have an older baby or child who struggles with sleep or if you have a sleep-related situation that you would describe as problematic in your family, a sleep consult can teach you about encouraging your child to learn to sleep can give you tools and an individualized plan.