No Time to Read? Why I Love Audio Books

No Time to Read? Why I Love Audio Books | MothersCircle.netI’ve always loved reading. I remember trips to the library and the excitement of my arms stacked with books. I still love that feeling of deciding what book I’m going to read next. But as moms, professionals, volunteers and as life gets busier and busier, it can be hard to find time to read.

Belonging to two books clubs (shout out to my Panera book club friends and Reading Between the Wines pals) gives me the external deadlines that let me “give myself permission” to sit and read. I also love book clubs because I’ve always valued the variety of selections when I’m not the only one choosing what I read. (That’s also why I’ve loved our Mother Daughter Book Clubs.)

Since I’m passionate about reading, I make time for it but I also love audio books so I can read even more. I still visit the library and I still call them affectionately, “books on tape.” Old or old-fashioned? You decide. I load up my car’s CD player and dive in.

I’ve always read a few books at a time so having a book by my bedside, another in my office and a third in the car seems quite normal. Don’t be surprised if you see me on GoodReads and I have several books marked “currently reading.”

I love audio books because:

  • With all the driving I do, I feel like I’m getting something read. It’s surprising how much I get through in my trips around town in a week and it makes a longer drive way more fun.
  • I drive more calmly since I’m not rushing but enjoying a story. I might even argue that books on tape could slow us all down – would it be a stretch to say they could solve road rage?
  • I don’t mind going out to pick up a kid (for the gazillionth time) because at least on half of the drive, I’m alone and get to listen to my book.
  • I’ve caught up on classics – this summer I reread Animal Farm, Madame Bovary and Of Mice and Men.
  • I’m learning Italian. In anticipation of a trip to Italy, I’m learning Italian on DuoLingo (a great app for helping kids with languages too) and supplementing that app with my Italian for the car.
  • I’m an achiever and I love feeling like I’m checking something off, like I’m DOING something during my time behind the wheel.

Maybe it’s time for me to subscribe to an audio book service! #timetoread

How do you make time to read?
What do you love best about audio books?
What are you currently reading?

Forks, Knives, and Spoons on Audible.

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8 Responses to No Time to Read? Why I Love Audio Books

  1. Jane Bogdan says:

    Loved this blog!!!!

  2. Deborah Shelby says:

    Hi, Leah! It makes me sad that these days most people would rather watch video than read. Reading for pleasure is one of life’s joys! This post is a great reminder that we can still enjoy books even when life in the digital age keeps us at a frantic pace. Thanks!

    • ldecesare says:

      So true! I feel like I really straddle both realms in my reading life – I love holding a book and turning the pages (and I enjoy seeing what other people are reading on an airplane, for example) but I also read a lot digitally or with audio technology. Reading really takes us to another world in a way that visual media can’t. Thanks for your comment!

  3. iheartrhody says:

    I love audiobooks for all those reasons! Also, it’s a great way to kill time on public transportation.

  4. Mary Larsen says:

    I listen to audio books as well – it’s the only time I can “read” right now with my two little ones 😉

    • ldecesare says:

      I just took out a new book on tape yesterday – and laughed. I’d forgotten about the BOT logo which stands for Books on Tape. I guess me calling them that still isn’t so out of date after all!
      Thanks for your comment – enjoy those kiddos – it’s so true that it goes quickly. I love my teens but I do miss those young ages and them as little ones. 🙂

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