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Beth with 3 Doors Down who donated an autographed guitar to the Music for Newtown Auction.


The list of heavy hitting stars donating to the Music for Newtown Auction keeps growing even as the auction date is three days away.

Jack Johnson, Taylor Swift, Elton John, Tim McGraw, 3 Doors Down, The Eagles, Eddie Vedder, John Mayer, One Direction, and Rush to give you a teaser.

I have an “in,” so keep reading for a new item announced here first!

We grew up in Newtown and my sister, Beth, as so many of us were, was overcome by the Sandy Hook shootings. Beth used her sorrow and emotions to move her toward action. Out of that need to do something came Music for Newtown.

The online auction opens for bids on Monday, March 25, 2013 at 3:00 PM EST
and closes Thursday, March 28, 2013 at 9:00 PM EST.

Within the first 24 hours of the auction link going live for previews on Monday, thousands of people hadmusic for newtown headquarters, behind the scenes music for newtown, universal records, republic records office, artist relations, already clicked in to browse and many viewers prepped for bidding by setting up their profiles.

As the date draws near, Beth’s office is overflowing as she continues to receive more and more amazing items daily. The outpouring from the music industry has been tremendous.

She is conservatively hoping for proceeds of the auction to surpass $100,000. All proceeds, except for a small fee for the auction site, will go directly to the United Way of Western Connecticut  Sandy Hook School Support Fund. The United Way of Western Connecticut has generously waived their administration fee.

music for newtown auction stuff, newtown auction link, newtown auction items, elton john autographs, The Eagles autograph, One Direction autograph, signed guitars, rock bands autographs, Kindnesses have poured in. From people donating website services (Thanks, Orange Hat Group) to a printing company designing and donating Music for Newtown T-Shirts (Thanks, Hyman And Harry) and Music for Newtown note cards donated by Remsen Graphics, people want to help. Bethel Music Center, a music store in Bethel, CT which neighbors Newtown, donated a guitar to be signed by multiple artists for the auction.

There are seven autographed guitars up for grabs and one incredibly crafted ukelele valued at nearly $650.00 before it was signed by Jack Johnson, adding even more value!

Here’s where I get to reveal an incredible item up for bidding!

Two very rare items are being offered in the Music for Newtown auction that are not available to the general public. They are specially designed and mounted gold records only received by people who work on an album project.

Florence and the machine, platinum album, platinum album plaques, amy winehouse double platinum, amy winehouse gold record, amy winehouse gold record plaqueOne is a Florence and the Machine platinum plaque commemorating one million copies sold in the U.S. and the other is an Amy Winehouse two-times-platinum (2 million records sold in the U.S.) plaque.

You can’t get these anywhere else!

There are close to 100 items being auctioned, from signed CDs, comic books and vinyl sleeves, to a signed concert tour drum head from Of Monsters and Men and a Lisa Marie Presley signed tambourine. There are tickets to The Voice, to concerts and to the Governor’s Ball Music Festival. You can also bid on autographed clothing and meet and greets with bands and artists.

Beth says, “I knew I would get a good amount of support from the music industry but this has exceeded my expectations! I’m so touched by how many people want to be a part of this.”

The interest in the Music for Newtown auction has been so tremendous, that the decision was made to extend bidding beyond the United States. Now people in other countries can bid but will pay an additional shipping charge. Within the United States, shipping charges are being covered by the auction sponsor, Republic Records.

So many people are reaching out to Beth and thanking her for her efforts in creating and bringing the Music for Newtown auction to fruition. Old friends, acquaintances and complete strangers have been contacting Beth expressing how important this is to them individually, and to the community.

Personally, I’m beyond impressed by my sister. She’s always been all-heart, fiercely loyal and monumentally Beth and Leah, sisters, not twins, bogdan sisters, smiling sisters, proud of sister, beth bogdan, music auction, generous; this project takes all of that to a new plateau. To put together an event of this magnitude in a couple of months while working full time (and then some!) is remarkable.

What’s even more extraordinary is how she’s given life to this event practically single-handedly and in the most selfless way. She is like a child on Christmas morning in her excitement and like Santa Claus in her spirit of giving.

Please help me share the word to make this auction a joyful success!

Follow @Music for Newtown on Twitter and use #MusicforNewtown

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