Math Kisses

Math kisses, bedtime math, teaching kids math, learning math with fun, fun ways to learn math, fun ways to teach math, making math part of your day, math routines, how to teach math, ideas to teach young kids mathMath kisses grew in our family from a song that a babysitter when I was about eight years old first sang for me.

It’s a silly little ditty:

“Good Night, Leah,
Good Night, Leah,
Good Night, Leah,
It’s time to go to bed,
Boop Boop!”

And the babysitter accented the “boops” with her hips as she left my doorway.

When Ali was little, I sang it to her and soon it was a regular part of our bedtime routine. Over the years and through three children, the song has grown, changed and evolved.

Each child has added his or her own individual enhancements. A second verse bloomed, “I love [insert kids’ name here], I love [kid sings Mommy/Daddy as parent sings kid’s name], I love [you get the idea], it’s time to go to bed, boop boop.” bedtime mathMichael now says “wee-ooo” instead of “boop boop.” Another addition, we sing the names of everyone in the family (and our bird, Piper) and new phrases have crept in, too, (“I love Ali, so much, I love Michael, so much…”)

As the song has lengthened, perhaps initially to delay the actual bedtime, it has remained a special part of ending the day. I don’t know how or when, but years ago, Anna began giving two kisses in between each phrase and instead of the boop boops. One night I realized she was counting the kisses on her fingers, we would end up with 16 kisses and run out of fingers, and then we always had to kiss four more times to get to an even 20.

I suggested she count by twos using one finger for each pair of kisses, so Anna started learning and practicing counting by twos. We added a challenge and I’d give her one kiss before singing and she’d need to count by twos on the odd numbers. Without knowing, we had fallen into a special bedtime routine of math kisses.

mother and daughter smiling, mom in turquoise earrings, girl holding teddy bear, snuggling in bed, bedtime routines, bedtime rituals, bedtime songs, teaching at bedtime, teaching math at bedtime, Then she wanted to get to 100 so we’d get there by twos on evens one night and on odds another (a creative way to elongate good nights I realize). Soon we were counting by threes and adding three kisses throughout the song then kissing to 100 by threes (plus a few).

Easy multiplication came into the picture as she saw that two kisses ten times is twenty, then three kisses ten times is thirty. We did subtraction as Anna figured out how many more kisses we needed to get from 24 to 30 or 62 to 70.

It’s amazing how a simple song became a special tradition and even added an accidental educational element to bedtime. Math kisses have given me countless smiles and laughs and exponential snuggle time with my littlest.

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