Life On Hold

life on hold, waiting on hold, huffington post leah decesare, phone calls, holding phone, Please click here for my newest post on Huffington Post: Life on Hold.

This is how it begins:

Yesterday, I dialed my insurance company, punched in my card number and then, while I wait on hold again, I grabbed the phone and started driving kids around. (For anyone who’s worried, my car has Bluetooth and we all had to suffer the hold music in the car without me having to touch the phone.) I picked up the neighbor, drove 15 minutes on the highway to tennis, waited for my daughter to come out, drove 15 minutes back home and was still on hold the whole time.

I’d been given the option to have them call me back. Sounds brilliant, right? Not so much. When I’d called the first time, before the kids were even home, I happily agreed and pressed “1” to have them return my call, all without losing my spot in the queue. Perfect!

Twenty minutes later the phone rang, I had since forgotten to expect the call back (does anyone else get sidetracked that easily?) Even if someone were home, no one in my family would dare answer the home line, so it was me who picked up the phone. Answering, I remembered, “Oh yes, great! Thanks for calling back. Wait? What? I didn’t want the billing department. I was on hold for the technical department.”

“Let me transfer you.”

“Wait! Wait, wait …” There goes that music and I’m back in the general queue all over again, 45 minutes after my original call. ARGH!

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2 Responses to Life On Hold

  1. Deborah says:

    I loved your article on Huff Post, Leah!
    I am so happy to know I am not the only busy lady who gets easily sidetracked. I do things like that all the time! I’m always too busy to simply wait on hold and do NOTHING when I could put the phone on speaker and accomplish more items off my to-do list!
    Going to the bathroom also magically works to make someone show up at your house that you’ve been waiting for as well.
    Keep up the fabulous writing!

    • ldecesare says:

      Thanks, Deborah! It was fun to write! I laughed when I saw Huffington Post editors put it in HuffPo Comedy! I never think of myself as a humor writer! Thanks for commenting!

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