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sisters knitting, kids learning to knit, red yarn, ann hood's knitting circle, Knit wits, knitting groups, learning to knitMy grandmother taught me to knit when I was little. I started knitting lessons with the ugliest (I liked it then) bright purple yarn flecked with silver. I was knitting a scarf for my DAD! I just kept knitting it longer and longer, I didn’t ever finish it but I loved doing it. I especially loved doing it with my grandma.

In the years since, I did a lot of needle work, embroidery and cross stitching but haven’t done anything at all in close to a decade (can it be?) A busy life with kids just took over. I used to stitch while watching TV, but now if I ever get to watch TV, I fold laundry, and more laundry, and, yup, you know, more laundry.

I’ve recently been thinking of asking my Mom to reteach me to knit, but I figured I’d ask when I have more time to devote to relearning it. Then, caught unaware, I found really pretty yarn on sale – only 29 cents each! I scooped up two skeins and took them to my parent’s house.

In a flash, she helped me get started on a scarf, of course! As the needles clicked, Anna joined us and grandma teaching knitting, knitting lessons for kids, importance of grandparents, baby moon, craft ideas for kids, teen crafts, tween knitting, eagerly wanting knitting lessons, too. So off they went to pick a yarn and learn “in, around and off.” Then Ali discovered what we were doing and wanted to learn, too, so off they went to pick a yarn and start her scarf.

My Mom got the three of us girls going, casting our first stitches, fixing our whoopses and catching dropped stitches, then she picked up her project (she’s actually the talk of her Knit Wits knitting group because she’s currently knitting me a uterus for teaching.)

No sooner did my Mom start in on my pink and green uterus project when Michael walked in to find the four of us focused on “in, around and off” mantras. “I want to knit, too!” he announced. So off he and my Mom went to pick out yarn and learn to knit, too.

boys knitting, knitting for boys, boys learning to knit, teen boys knitting, boy concentrating, ideas instead of video games, teen knitting lessons, I sat knitting, elbow to elbow with my three kiddos and their grandmother. My grandma had taught me, and now my Mom was teaching my children.

More than knitting lessons were going on: lessons on patience, shared projects, new skills, perseverance. Lessons that crafts beat out Mine Craft and knitting is for boys, too.

The kids value to us, the lesson that must always be repeated, was reinforced as important adults in their lives spent real time with them. And for me, that knitting circle linked me back to my knitting circle, family knitting together, learning to knit, knitting day, five people knittinggrandmother. We were knitting across generations.


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4 Responses to Knitting Lessons

  1. Miss DeCesare says:

    Love you Mom! Can’t wait to knit with you again!!

  2. documama says:

    Beautiful! I love this, and the way knitting has become a tradition that binds the generations of your family!

    • ldecesare says:

      Thanks, Elizabeth. I almost called this post “Knitting Generations” instead. Hmmm, I still kind of like that!

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