Keeping Your Child Safe From Cyberbullying

Thank you to TeenSafe for this guest post and helpful infographic on Keeping Your Child Safe From Cyberbullying.

Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat. . . Each of these sites can be a great way for teens to build relationships and connect with their peers. Judging by the growing popularity, it doesn’t look like they’ll be disappearing anytime soon. And while social media sites do have their perks, they are also becoming a breeding ground for hurtful comments and humiliating photos.

Cyberbullying has transformed the bullying of years past, where school hallways and playgrounds took the brunt of the problem. Now, children have no place to hide from their tormentors. Bullies find it easy to inflict emotional pain from behind the safety of their computer screens and often believe that their actions will not have any consequences. However, it’s time for parents to step up and gain the knowledge necessary to fight back against this epidemic.

Being aware of what your child is doing online is the first step toward ending cyberbullying.

Check out the infographic below, by, for tips on how to help your kids online. Knowledge is power, parents. Let’s do what we can – starting today.
Protecting Your Child From Cyberbullying


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3 Responses to Keeping Your Child Safe From Cyberbullying

  1. Rose says:

    My mon wont let me have instagram. I really want it so I wont feel left out in coversations at school. Is there a way I can persuade my mom to let me get it?

    • ldecesare says:

      Hi, Rose, Thank you for writing here. I don’t know how old you are, but what I might suggest is to calmly present to your mom why you want an Instagram account (FYI moms don’t love to hear “because everyone else is on it” so come up with some good other reasons!) 🙂 And use your research here and on other sites to learn how you can be a responsible user on Instagram. My daughter wrote this post about using Instagram and a mistake she made that taught her some lessons:

      If you know her concerns and can demonstrate that you can be a good digital citizen, be kind and responsible with an account, perhaps she’ll let you give it a go. Let her know how to use it, maybe you can learn together, and invite her to follow you, it might make her feel comfortable to know that what you’re posting is appropriate.

      Hope that helps! And in the end – Mom’s the boss and she has good reasons for the choices she makes in your home, even when it’s hard for you to understand. Thank you for commenting.

  2. Rose says:

    I mean mom

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