Introducing Stempaks

introducing stempaks, what is STEM, what is stempaks, STEM projects for kidsI’m thrilled to introduce you to Stempaks.

Just in time for Christmas, Hanukah and winter birthday gift giving comes Stempaks, “sparking curiosity through discovery and creativity.”

When you subscribe, on a month-by-month or annual basis, your kids will receive a package each month ready-made with projects for them to explore. It’s easy for parents to get as engaged in the topic as they want, or to let kids dive in on their own.

Stempaks is targeted to kids aged 5 – 10 and each month will feature a different theme or topic. This November is focusing on paleontology.

As a blogger, I receive an influx of email requests to review items and I delete the great majority of them, but something stempaks package, science for kids, math projects for kidsin the email from the founders of Stempaks made me reach out to them. Not only are these young entrepreneurs innovative and creating a product that encourages family learning, but one of the founders also served in the military. From the first phone call, I had a great impression and love the concept of this product, I immediately agreed to not only be a beta tester but also to serve as an adviser because I believe in what they’re doing.

When our package arrived, the kids couldn’t wait to open it. Our dinosaur kit came with eye goggles and a face mask which went right on as the kids read through the materials to see what they needed to do.

stempaks, excited kids, engineering for kids, STEM curriculum

stempaks, science projects, dinosaur activities, paleontology

Decked out in their protective gear, they transformed into archeologists and little by little excavated dinosaur bones. They took it very seriously, brushing away the dust and being cautious not to harm a fossilized bone.

goggles and mask, STEM projects

With a focus on the STEM, which stands for science, technology, engineering and math, the Stempaks kits are an engaging way to empower kids in these key areas. Click to read about why STEM education is important for everyone.

Conveniently delivered to your door each month, Stempaks supports the activities with additional ideas for digging deeper. For example, in the paleontology pack, other projects included making dinosaur bones, both craft and edible, and creating dinosaur feet and Jurassic eggs.

Check out Stempaks and let me know what your kids discover! As the kids play with the dinosaur skeleton they built from the bones they excavated, they’re already looking forward to what will be in next month’s Stempak!

dinosaur activity, stem activity, STEM for kids, teaching kids STEM

dinosaur bones, dinosaur fossils, discovering dinosaurs, learning about dinosaurs, dinosaurs for kids

archeologists, paleontology for kids, learning about dinosaursdinosaur bones, dinosaur activities, stempaks, STEM activities


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2 Responses to Introducing Stempaks

  1. Deborah says:

    Those kits look awesome! They remind me of the kind of things I used to buy my kids when they were little from the Discovery store. I bought my son an excavation kit too, from which he built his own dinosaur skeleton.
    Both my kids have always enjoyed science experiments as much as any toy. What a great way to encourage a love of science and learning!

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