Happify Is …

Have you heard the buzz around Happify? Have you wondered, What is Happify? Here’s my answer:

Happify Is …

happify, what is happify, happiness is, introducing happify, is happify a gameAs a beta tester – a Happify Pioneer – I shared my experience with Mother’s Circle readers in February in my Introducing Happify post. (Read that post for more details on what Happify is all about!) Since then, Happify has added many new features and today is the official public launch. Now, without needing an invitation, anyone can jump in and start their Happify experience and answer the question “What is Happify?” for themselves. Come on get Happify! 🙂

From their blog: “At Happify, we’re passionate about helping people find happiness, contentment and fulfillment through fun activities, games and exercises based on proven scientific research from the top minds in the country.”

Happify is … Fun

Sign up and try out the games and exercises, the Happify app, and the many new tracks, several created and “hosted” by celebrities or professionals. Within our busy, stressed days, one way people find relaxation is in social media, Happify is  an escape from the daily hub-bub with a purpose! It’s a mix of video game, self exploration, Pinterest boards,  social interaction (on posts and through threads) and online gratitude journal. It’s fun with a benefit – the activities are all based in the science of happiness (the science of happiness is also explained on the Happify website.)

Happify is … Spending time togetherHappify Uplift, Happify games, hot air balloon game, positive games, games to get happy,

There is a new game called “Uplift” since I last posted in which you spot and click on positive words. Whenever I

get to the games in a track, I save them to do with my kids. They love the search and find scenes that encourage us to slow down and savor the visuals and I love that we slow down and savor the time together.

This summer, I did a track called “Raise Happy and Resilient Teens” and there were activities that Ali and I did together and some that I turned over to her to do on her own (she’s been dying to join Happify.) It was a small thing but it spurred some nice conversations between us.

Happify is … Staying positive

Happify works, Happify stats, Happify science, science behind Happify, science of happinessSince humans have a negativity bias and research shows that people pay more attention to negative issues, we need regular reminders to help us refocus on positives.  For example: Noticing when the kids do something right instead of something wrong, acknowledging a spouse for a small task or sending a thank you text.

I love the James Taylor song, “The Secret of Life is Enjoying the Passage of Time.” Happify guides us to live in the present, to stop, take in the good around us, to pay attention to the relationships and people in our lives. It helps us to appreciate the now. Since it takes more energy and conscious effort to pay attention to the positives around us, the activities on Happify offer a regular way to keep us living what we value and appreciating everything around us!

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