Dying Easter Eggs Creatively

dying Easter eggs, creative easter eggs, Easter traditions, Easter kids activities, Easter activities, how to dye Easter eggs, pretty Easter eggsDying Easter eggs is one of our favorite Easter traditions. We boil four dozen eggs, one dozen per kid and oneDarth Vader egg, Star Wars Easter eggs, Daddy's egg, creative Easter eggs dozen for me and Nick to share if he’s home to participate. This year, he made one Darth Vader egg and went off to work.

The fun starts when the kids divide up the PAAS coloring tablets and before we each drop a tablet into the vinegar, we have to guess what color we think it will be. Year in and year out, we ooh and ahh with amazement as the tablet that looks orange turns yellow and the one that looks purple turns green.

All the cups full of colors make me happy!

cups of color, egg dyes, colors for dying eggs, Easter egg dyes, PAAS egg dye, pretty color mugs, rainbow mugs, rainbow liquidsThen we get creative, Ali tried scotch tape this year with partial success. We use kosher salt to absorb some of kosher salt on egg, egg dying tips, egg dying ideas, creative ideas for Easter eggs, green Easter eggthe dye and add interesting effects and we wrap eggs in elastic bands before coloring them to create stripy effects. rubber bands on egg, elastic bands on egg, ideas for easter eggs, interesting egg ideas,

The kids use drops of dye and blow the colors across the eggs for a tie-dyed look and use paint brushes for more exacting work. This year, Ali drew shapes all over her solid colored eggs with a black Sharpie for a really interesting and pretty look.When I was in second grade, I wrote a story called “The Mystery of the Missing Easter Egg” in which the missing egg was pink with yellow spots. Every single year, I have to make an egg that is pink with yellow spots. We use crayons for drawing on the eggs before dying them. Some years, the kids have jumped ahead of me and made the pink and yellow spotted egg for me.

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The rainbow egg and Bert and Ernie are a few other regular eggs each year.  This morning, Anna said, “I need to make Bert’s big unibrow,” while Michael’s first egg was the rainbow. Bert always comes out cute with the tip of the egg holding his tuft of black hair.

I love the memories that the kids have around dying Easter eggs. They gather their favorite supplies and reminisce about different eggs of years past and often try to duplicate them. Some new versions this year were the Star Wars egg, the Pokemon egg and the Rainbow Dash egg.hard boiled eggs, eggs in a bowl, eggs in a pot, dozens of white eggs, boiling Easter eggs, how to decorate Easter eggs

My grandmother always said that Easter eggs taste better. Every year, we would select our favorites for her and package them up in a pastel gift bag full of pale tissue paper. The kids loved to present her with their eggs and explain how they created them.

I love a bowl full of Easter eggs also to make a beautiful Easter centerpiece or balance them on napkin rings at each place setting for color around the table. colored eggs in a bowl, tips for dying easter eggs, how to decorate Easter eggs, easter egg tips, how to make easter eggs, making easter eggs with kids

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  1. Kappa shout out for the Fleur de lis egg!

    • Leah DeCesare says:

      🙂 Yes, that’s actually another one I do every year! Fleur de lis and irises! Happy you noticed it!

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