Testimonials from Mother’s Circle Clients

“Leah, you are a wonderfully passionate person. It shows through your enthusiasm to continuously find ways to help during one of the most difficult parts of my life. I would not have been able to accomplish my VBAC without your compassion and expertise. Thank you for being part of one of the biggest parts/hurdles of my life!” – Amanda B.

Leah DeCesare, doula, Mother's Circle, Rhode Island doula

“Leah is a true treasure! Leah’s positive attitude from the moment she walked through our door each time was wonderful. Leah’s advice was right on the mark and she sensed my needs each day. Her energy level and desire to help is seen right away when you meet her. You feel safe in her presence and you know your child will be safe with her as she provides such care and love for the newborn. She has a wealth of knowledge and she helps the individual find the tools needed to be a well rounded mother. For a first-time mom, I feel so blessed to have crossed paths with Leah. If ever there is a pregnant friend of mine, I will recommend Leah’s services. Leah is the best!” – Carrie B.

“Leah was highly recommended by a friend who used her postpartum. When we met Leah, my husband and I knew she would be a great fit for our family. She made me feel very comfortable and was easy to talk to. A great support for me in this new situation (a 2 year old and twins).  Thank you for helping to better transition me into my new family.” – Jessica A.

“Leah’s dedication to her clients is unparalleled. She was a constant source of support, motivation, and guidance throughout a long and challenging early labor. She is kind and empathetic, knowledgeable and experienced. I felt very lucky to have her play such an important role in the birth of our son. I know that her support and participation in his birth was a key factor in helping me achieve a successful VBAC – which was the most incredible and wonderful experience of my life. I will be forever grateful to her for helping to make that experience possible for us.” – Megan H.

Leah with baby Amelia, doula with baby, purple sweater, short hair style, baby admiring, childbirth classes, Baby moon, CT childbirth classes, RI childbirth classes,“I truly appreciated Leah from the first moment I met her. Right from the start, she included me in the wonderful birth of our child. She made it her point to ask me my view and my expectation of her. That meant a lot to me. When labor started, she was ready by the phone to assist me through the pre-labor stage. When we thought it was time, she flew right over to help me get Andrea ready. When we arrived at the hospital, she helped guide us through the triage/admin process. Once in the labor room, she was a great support to us, through the whole birth she was wonderful, never did I feel excluded in support of Andrea. Leah was able to make me smile and keep Andrea calm, while encouraging her to “push” on. Don’t know if we could’ve stuck with it without her.” -Nicholas R.

“One of the things I will always remember and consider excellent service and dedication was when my husband contacted Leah on Memorial Day. She came that very day! I was impressed, astonished and grateful she could not only come the same day, but on a holiday! I found Leah to be extremely professional, dedicated and very delightful – a very calm, even-keeled and pleasant person to talk to and open up to! Simply having her around to talk with about anything was encouraging. She is very positive and resourceful – you can tell she loves what she does, is super organized and very knowledgeable and keeps up to date on current issues. I am impressed with her professional yet down-to-earth demeanor – a perfect mix!” – Sharon S.

“I feel so lucky to have had you as my doula. You are a defining part of my pregnancy and A’s birth and she will grow up knowing how important you are in her life!” – Ellen S.

“This was our second child, but this time around, we wanted to have a voice, not simply be pushed through the steps of birth. We anticipated a smooth birth with no complications; however, it took numerous unexpected turns. Leah was an outstanding advocate. When labor was not progressing, Leah walked the hospital groundsdoula holding baby, Leah holding baby, admiring newborn baby, newborn appearance, childbirth education in RI, Childbirth education CT, natural birth in the hospital, with us, helped us with various positions to stimulate labor, and comforted and encouraged us the entire time with an amazing amount of energy. At one point several hours later, I was so discouraged. I couldn’t rest, the labor wouldn’t progress, and I was tired. Leah came to our home to reassure and support us. When we returned to the hospital, Leah was adamant about my comfort. She was never intrusive.  She always had a sense of when to step in and when to hold back.  She worked seamlessly with us, the midwife, and all of the hospital staff. With each new obstacle, Leah provided the voice of reason, compassion, and most importantly the voice that continued to remind us that this birth experience belonged to us, not a hospital timetable.  After 30 hours and every minor intervention explored, we faced the difficult decision to have a C-section. In her confident and caring way, Leah presented the facts and observations as well as her support for any decision we made. We decided that the C-section was in the best interest of the baby and me, and Leah went through it with us in the operating room, offering support and taking beautiful photos of our child’s first moments with us. We found ourselves in a birthing experience that was completely unexpected and are incredibly grateful that Leah, with her amazing energy, knowledge, and compassion, was there to ensure that it truly belonged to us. Thank you, Leah!” – Beth Y.

baby sleeping, leah decesare, doulas Rhode Island, baby blogs, top mommy blogs, childbirth classes RI, baby moon ideas, weekend get aways“I couldn’t have managed a 47 hour labor and still ended with a vaginal birth without Leah. She was amazingly supportive every step of the way – from talking on the phone in early labor, to walking up and down five flights of stairs to get my contractions going, to helping me make the decision to get an epidural after 30+ hours of contractions, to encouraging me through hours of pushing. Through the whole thing, Leah was calm, loving, and present and I’m sure my labor would have ended in a c-section without her support. My only regret is that I’m moving and won’t be able to work with Leah during my next birth!” – Sonja A.

“I was lucky enough to have a great team in place, but we needed a leader, someone to bring out the best in all of us, and someone to fill our knowledge gaps. You were perfect in all of these roles. Even though many parts of our birth story are not what we expected or hoped for we were thoroughly fulfilled by our birth experience because we worked with you. We felt fully informed with each decision that we made because of our preparation together and your presence with us. Even when these decisions were difficult, emotional, or sprung up on us, the knowledge that you invested in us was empowering. The emotional support that you provided to our team fostered our support for each other. The most desirable circumstances of birth don’t seem as important when you feel 100% supported by those around you.” – Celinda K.

“Leah fit into our family perfectly. Her personality, knowledge and true passion for her work reflected in every aspect of her care. Her support allowed me to relax and get to know my babies and her guidance helped me to become what I believe is a stronger, more confident mother.”             – Christine G.

“Leah did a wonderful job. She stepped right in and helped like she was my mother which was perfect. Just like a mother, she encouraged me to rest and my children got along very well with her. She was a great support!” – Charlotte C.

“Leah was exactly what I needed after the birth of my first child. As a first time mother, I felt lost in the physical and emotional needs of caring for my daughter. I also felt overwhelmed with just keeping myself in order. Leah came in and made everything smooth and calm. Leah taught me skills that I needed to help soothe my baby when she was crying, tired or colicky. She also provided breastfeeding support and helped me enable my daughter to latch on better and make breastfeeding more enjoyable and rewarding. I don’t think I could have gone through the first 8 weeks without her. “ – Jessica G.

“Without your services, our beautiful baby girl would have entered the world under the stress of a forced induction. Having you throughout our pregnancy enabled us to stay calm, relaxed and informed. You never made the choices for us but you were 100% informed about each and every avenue. You were prompt with every email and phone call and gave us a great sense of security. Our daughter is calm and happy and I attribute that to the confidence you gave me throughout this process. We look forward to your services with the postpartum transition.” Renee M.

“Leah is fantastic. I contacted her a few weeks after my son’s birth when I was completely overwhelmed and crying every day. Both my husband and I were impressed with how knowledgeable she is. She taught us techniques for calming our baby (who fell asleep quickly in her arms), and supported me through breastfeeding difficulties which I eventually overcame. She believes so deeply in the importance of postpartum care that she made time for us even though she was engaged full-time by another family. Although I’m on unpaid leave from work and my husband is a student, her caring help was worth every penny.” – Kathryn R.

“Leah was an excellent postpartum doula. She goes well above and beyond her job expectations. She was extremely sincere in all of her efforts. She takes care of the WHOLE family. I am so grateful for her. Our family will miss her dearly.” – Jodi E-S.

“I really loved Leah, she made the first 2 weeks a lot less stressful, and I would absolutely have her here again.” – Heidi M.

leah decesare, doulas RI, Mother's Circle, testimonials for Leah DeCesare“I really appreciated your flexibility (going to the doctor’s appointment, offering to accompany us to my daughter’s gym class, switching days to accommodate my needs, etc.) Thanks for your care, your encouragement and support. You are great at what you do!” – Kathy M.

“The most helpful part [of your service was] the emotional support that came with all the practical advice, I never felt lectured to or overwhelmed with information. [You were] such an unbelievable help to ease the huge transition to motherhood. Incredible wrap-around services and compassion made it such an enjoyable experience. You have a gift.” – Hadassah M.

“You were such a great help! It was nice having someone come in who knew exactly what to do. You were on top of everything. I would and have recommended you to other mothers. You are worth every penny.” – Samantha M.

“It was very helpful having you here. I think breastfeeding has been so successful because of your support.” – Amy B.

“As a future first time father and partner who wanted to be involved in the birth process, I was initially hesitant about using a doula for fear of being replaced. Leah, however, not only helped in preparing and seeing us through the birth process, but enhanced my experience as a father by providing me with the tools to physically and mentally support my partner during labor. Leah’s patience, knowledge, and professionalism were exactly what we needed to make our daughter’s arrival into this world a happy and healthy experience that we will never forget.” – Jason G.

“Leah’s presence was very comforting, especially in a time of high stress. This being our first child, we had no idea what to expect, but Leah guided us and helped every step of the way. During hard labor Leah was very encouraging, and really gave me the mental fortitude to go on. Even though our delivery did not end up as a vaginal birth, (after many hours of trying) Leah stayed with us until the baby and I were brought back from the OR and helped with the first feeding – now that is a kind, caring and patient woman!” – Tina C.

“Through my long and trying labor, Leah provided constant support and advice. When we were faced with multiple decisions that completely deviated from our ‘birth preferences,’ Leah’s knowledge and experience allowed us to feel confident that we were making informed decisions. She also worked with the hospital staff to provide a comfortable and relaxed environment. When it came to making the difficult decision to accept a c-section, Leah remained supportive and accompanied us into the OR.” – Jen O.

“While my birth outcome probably would have been similar without Leah, my feelings about it would not. We encountered some difficult choices during delivery and Leah helped us slow down and make the choices at the right time for us. She was entirely “on our side” in an unfamiliar and emotionally taxing situation. Because of Leah, I am able to feel positive about a birth that didn’t follow the plan.” – Megan K.

“The most helpful part was the emotional support of myself and my husband… your service enhanced the entire experience, both prenatal and during labor. I’m not convinced I would have made it through without my team (you and [husband]).” Andrea R.

“The most helpful part of your service was your ‘take charge’ attitude, your initiative, advice, moral support and knowledge. Please consider the idea of your own show – maybe I’ll see you on the TLC Channel someday! We loved you!” – Mina C.

“It was a pleasure having your help. For me, positive reinforcement and the ability to talk through any problems was critical. Also, a someone who doesn’t have a lot of mom friends, being able to process birth and postpartum in conversation was very enjoyable and definitely beneficial.” – Laura E-O.

“Leah was wonderful, met us immediately at the hospital. Also, her words during transition made it easier for me to keep going.We greatly appreciated her extensive knowledge and her ability to complement what my husband was doing. It was also really nice to be able to read through her accounting of the birth [in the birth story] and recall things I did not otherwise remember.”               – Daniella B.


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