Christmas Tree Trunks

what to do with Christmas tree trunks, fresh cut on tree, fresh cut christmas tree, traditions with Christmas tree, christmas tree memories, ideas for christmas tree trunksWe began collecting a fresh cut from our Christmas tree trunks the year Ali, our first daughter, was born. This is one of my very favorite Christmas traditions each year. I save the tree trunk disk until after Christmas when I write something special about that year’s holiday celebration.

The dates of each of my children’s and nephews’ first Christmases and the years of my grandparent’s last ones are marked on the tree trunks. The year it snowed two feet and the years we moved and were expecting babies are noted on others. One tree trunk slice commemorates the Christmas Eve that we were visited by the Fire Department. (It was just broiled asparagus but those guys tore themselves away from “A Christmas Story” to check it out and we enjoyed a cheerful visit.)

tree trunk tradition, writing on Christmas trees, scrooge Christmases past, ideas for Christmas traditions, new baby Christmas tradition, live christmas trees, allergic to Christmas treesSome tree trunk pieces are skinny, others so wide I could write a long story on it. Every year, as we unpack the decorations, the basket that holds our Christmas tree trunks is always poured over and cherished. The kids lay them out, read each one and fondly remember Christmases past, where we were, and highlighted moments.

The first year we moved to Rhode Island, I had the fantastic idea of cutting down a pine tree from our yard, it was too large for it’s spot against the patio. It was not only efficient, the tree had to come down, but also sentimental. I thought how special it would be to have our first Christmas tree in our new home be from our own yard, and besides, then it’s disposal will be taken care of by the town’s tree removal in January – a perfect and practical plan!

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Elves playing with the tree trunk cuttings

Nick assured me the tree was way too big to be our tree and wanted to cut just the top off, I hemmed and hawed and insisted and finally, in the tree went. It was way too big.

Here it is in print, “Honey, you were right!”

It had to be trimmed down several times. Then it fell over – twice! It was the very first year Nick remembered to water the tree right away, so the water and pine needles and a nest of some kind of bugs all came crashing down (did I mention twice?!)

So I have my Christmas tree trunk wedge from a tree in our yard on our first Rhode Island Christmas along with all the (now funny) stories that go along with that tree.

This year’s tree stump sits in the basket, blank, waiting for our memories to be imprinted upon it. I’ve seen people make tree ornaments from their old Christmas tree trunks, you could also make coasters, wreaths, or personalized gifts. What creative ideas have you used or seen with Christmas tree trunks?Christmas tree stumps, writing on trees, saving Christmas trees, real Christmas tree traditions, tree stumps, elves with tree stumps©Copyright Leah DeCesare 2012

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4 Responses to Christmas Tree Trunks

  1. Lisa says:

    I loved this idea when I first read about it last year! We started saving them last year for K’s first Christmas!

    • ldecesare says:

      I’m so happy to hear that you started it for her first Christmas! It really is something we all love – the kids always take time to read through all of the stumps when the Christmas decorations come out! Merry Christmas!

  2. Laurie says:

    Did you do anything to the trunks to make them last over the years?

    • ldecesare says:

      Good question – but no, nothing. I wait for the trunks to dry out then us permanent markers to write on them. Plus it’s better to write on them after Christmas passes so you have a memory to write about. I store them together in a tin then as part of other decorations in a big plastic bin. I suppose if you wanted to you could coat them with something clear but I haven’t.
      Merry Christmas!

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