Bunny in the Basket

bunny in basket, stuffed animal bunny, bunny book, Easter books, Easter giftsI recently learned that my dear friend, Kelly Connaghan Dengler, wrote a children’s book, Bunny in the Basket, that comes with a plush bunny in the basket that your child can name. The simple story explains to children (and parents) how the bunny works, it’s similar to the Christmas elf  idea for Easter time.

Through the bunny, Kelly tries to give parents that extra set of eyes and gives kids a little motivation to exhibit good behavior since the bunny is watching and reporting back to Peter Cottontail.

When our package arrived, I wasn’t sure how it was presented so even though Anna was dying to open the newly delivered box, I waited until she went to school to check it out. I didn’t need to worry, it was child-friendly and packaged with the book and bunny together peeking out through the box. I read the book and left it, with the pale blue bunny in the basket, for my daughter at her place at the dinner table.

At almost nine, I wasn’t sure what her reaction would be, was she too old?naming stuffed animals, animal names, pet names, children voting, list of names, bunny at Easter, review of bunny in basket

When she came home, she immediately spotted the bunny and couldn’t wait to read the book. She was so excited and right away wrote her name in the back and started coming up with names for her bunny. At dinner, we each had to go to the voting booth and vote on a name, she also sought out write-in names. Fluffles beat out Herbert by one vote. Bunford, Bunnykins and Rufis were the losing choices.

She brought her bunny to her room and found the just-right spot, way high up, like the book says. From a parent’s point of view, it’s much easier than the way we do our mischievous Christmas elves, the bunny sits up high and may (or may not if someone forgets) change places. Even though he goes back on Easter with Peter, he loses his magic until next Easter so you could leave him out and not be obligated to make any bunny magic.

fluffles, animal names, Easter presents, ideas for Easter, Easter activityAnna is thrilled that we’ve welcomed a Bunny in the Basket into our home this Easter!


*I received no compensation for this post; I received a complimentary set for me to review.






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2 Responses to Bunny in the Basket

  1. disqus_6i7EyaolMb says:

    I just ordered one! I’m looking forward to it being delivered! Thank you for sharing!

    • Leah DeCesare says:

      Oh great – hope you like it! Anna gets so excited when the bunny moves even one little bit overnight. Compared to our crazy elves – this is a piece of cake and she’s having fun with it! Happy Easter (early)!

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