Back to School

back to school, girl on school bus, saying good bye on first day of school, first day of school, happy back to school, moms and back to schoolBack to school. It has a ring to it today. Today, I started the countdown to the first day of school. 12 days.

We’ve had a summer filled with sand and sunshine, family time and fun times, late nights and leisurely mornings. We’ve savored gallons of ice cream, bushels of corn on the cob and a few lobsters, too. We’ve reveled beneath sprays of fireworks, napped under beach umbrellas and snagged a few fish.

Summer has given us fresh garden squash and cucumbers (the tomatoes are coming), sailing breezes and time for stacks of favorite books and splashing in pools. Summer has given us easy, outdoor summer dinners, slow summer days, happy summer memories.

I love summertime, even the heat, (I’m shivery all winter so I pledge to never complain about the sweltering days of summer.) Just the word “summer” brings warmth to my soul and a smile to my heart, I love summer. But then, it’s time to go back to school. Back to schedules and routines, back to homework and car pools. Like the changing of the seasons, I like the changing of pace through our year.

I haven’t been especially eager to get back in the swing, and I’m actually not quite ready to say good-bye to summertime, but today when the kids got to bickering, when the air around me got too thick with kids’ requests, I started my count down to the first day of school. 12 days until two thirds of my kids walk into new schools. 12 days until backpacked kids fill the neighborhood. 12 days until, ahhh, silence.

The kids, too, are itching a little to start, I think. They’re excitedly lobster and corn, summer meals, corn on the cob, red lobster on plate, back to school time, good bye summer, new school year, awaiting their teacher and team assignments, they love selecting their new lunch bags and school supplies, and they’re looking forward to a more steady dose of their friends. Admittedly, I always loved back to school time as a kid, all of the preparations and the big, fat Seventeen magazine issue that preceded it. Now it arrives in my daughter’s name.

I like the smell of the air on the first day of school and the arrival of yellow buses through town. I like the luxury of grocery shopping solo and having some time alone in the house (for those of you with younger kids, the time does come when they’re all off all day long!) Back to school means back to more structure for me and my time. As much as I enjoy being the breezy, easy girl of summer, I really am a planner and appreciate the school day rhythm to my life.

So here’s a toast to back to school! I wish you a harmonious, successful new school year filled with learning for the whole family!

Happy Back to School!


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