Back to School and Back to Basics

Back to School and Back to Basics | MothersCircle.netTo me, the start of a new school year is a time for fresh starts, new goals, and getting back to some basics that may have slipped and drifted during the summer months. (Anyone else feel like the World’s Okayest Mom?)

We’ve all enjoyed more ice cream and hot dogs than a person should consume in a year’s time, but boy it’s been fun and yummy along the way. I’ve also been staying up later and sleeping later along with the kids. I’ve joked that I’ve shifted to Pacific time this summer which is only slightly untrue.

I love summertime and will never complain about the heat because I prefer it any day to the frigid, shivery days of winter. (While I love snow days, I am no good at being cold.)

I cherish summer’s freedoms and being unhitched from time and schedules. Reading on the beach and lazing with a book and a fancy drink (or just a water with lime) until the sun sets is my favorite summer day. Picking vegetables from the garden, cutting flowers for my desk and the tables, and watching shooting stars are some of summer’s great pleasures. It’s the season for tons of time to hang out with the kids and family and to connect with friends far and wide.

I love summer and am not ready to say good bye, but as back to school approaches, it’s clear it’s time to get back to basics, or as one friend called it, “Crack Down September.”

Time to go back to bed making and towel hanging, regular bedtimes and routines. Back to school and back to basics also means some time apart to tame the end-of-summer bickering and to have the house stay clean longer than an hour.

I have loved getting to meet new people and hear comments from parents who’ve read Naked Parenting: 7 Keys to Raising Kids With Confidence. Just last week a woman on an airplane bought my book the second we landed – what a compliment, and what a rush last spring as a woman overheard my name and NOW AVAILABLE! Naked Parenting; Guiding Kids in a Digital World | MothersCircle.netexclaimed, “You’re Leah DeCesare? The one who wrote Naked Parenting? I love that book!” What an incredible moment for a writer.

As we embark on a new school year and work on getting back to basics, allow me to suggest this fast and easy read to give you some fresh ideas and some sparks of encouragement.

Once the kids are back to school, for me, it’s back to writing. I’m hoping to get you the next in the Naked Parenting series this fall: Naked Parenting: Guiding Kids in a Digital World. It’s the next topic Mother’s Circle readers voted on and I’m getting ready to deliver for you.

Cheers to a great back to school and a successful school year for your family!

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