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autumn organizing, autumn organizing tips, ideas for fall cleaning, orange leaves, fall leaves backgroundSpring Cleaning is a time of clearing out and freshening up after winter and Autumn Organizing is a time to declutter and put things in order before snuggling in for cold months.

There are so many things to switch over in the fall, summer clothes are exchanged for sweaters and mittens, toys are purged and the entertainment center is rearranged to make room for what Santa brings. I even like to move books down through the kids. Things Ali is too old for move on to Michael and Michael’s shelves are cleared out for Anna. When Anna outgrows books, we safely store the favorites in waterproof bins and others are donated or shared with cousins and younger friends.

This weekend, I tackled our shoe problem, for Autumn Organizing, the flip flops are traded for fuzzy boots. I cannot believe how many pairs of shoes we have for a family of five – and since the start of school, every shoe, sandal and sneaker seemed to be spilling around every entrance. Then, at the first snap of cold, my girls (as girls can do) excitedly pulled out all of their favorite winter boots and added them to the mix. Every shoe bin and basket overflowed, bursting heel to sole.

The Great Shoe Switch-Over Project had to be done! Every kid tried on all of their shoes. Ali’s hand-me-downs got put away for Anna’s petite feet, Anna’s out-growns are in a bag for donation to Big Brothers Big Sisters and anything with rips, holes or excessive wear (i.e. most of Michael’s shoes) got tossed.

Reorganizing gives me a huge sense of accomplishment and relief; clutter stresses me out! I’m energized and ready now for the next projects: the over-stuffed basement, the Holy-Crap-What’s-In-Here garage and I’m even considering custom closets to better organize my wardrobe. First to do: Donate all those items I haven’t worn in a year. Have you ever heard the trick of turning all of the hangers backwards and then when you wear them, you turn the hanger the right way again? After six months, or a year for seasonal clothes, you can tell what you’ve worn or haven’t worn – donate the things taking up space!

Tackling the shoe mess got me motivated – I’m on to my office files and paper stacks today!

What do you do for Autumn Organizing?
Share your decluttering and reorganizing tips!


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