3 Ways to Change Behaviors in Your Kids

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3 Ways to Change Behaviors in Your Kids | MothersCircle.net
I’m a business owner with two young girls at home, and I’ve had my struggles with getting kids on board with change, behavior modification, or a new routine. I find I’ll nag (and then we’ll argue) I’ll be inconsistent (allowance/chores one week, out the window the next) but when I think about what HAS worked for us, I’ve realized my girls make the biggest strides when they take ownership of their behavior.

Here are three ways to change behaviors that work for us:


Reinforcing positive behavior is the best way to get more of that behavior— it’s just not always top-of-mind as parents because that behavior is already the expectation. At my house when we are working on a modification (example: being nice to your sister or getting dressed before coming downstairs) I have set reminders on my phone to remind myself to keep up the compliments and give praise for good behavior.

To be most effective, keep your praise specific and sincere. Work to notice when they do (or try to do) Toothbrushing chart |MothersCircle.netwhat you’re expecting.


I recently read “Duct Tape Parenting” (the duct tape is representative of tape over the parents mouth- reminding them not to nag the child) and the overall concept is to teach and then bite your tongue and let your child help themselves. Set an expectation and then let it be your child’s responsibility: getting dressed, packing homework, breakfast, etc.

Kids feel proud about their ability to solve their own problems, feel more confident and get an overall sense of independence and less struggle in the process. Leah talks about this a lot, too, in her Naked Parenting books.

Reminding children of their past accomplishments

Getting my daughter to work on her math homework was a particular struggle. She uses a timed app that stressed her out. But with daily practice she got better and better which she now has the confidence to work willingly at it rather than arguing. I find that using that example as a reminder that challenges are overcome with practice it often helps remind her that she can overcome obstacles.

To summarize, remember if you’re looking to change behaviors, let your kids take the lead!

Tick Tock logo |MothersCircle.netAbout the author:
Keri Steckler is a mother of two and a product designer with a focus on kids/baby products, and owner of Tick Tock, LLC Reward Charts that help kids establish healthy habits and routines.

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