2014 Reasons to be Grateful

2014, 2014 reasons to be grateful, list of blessings, get happy, feel grateful, thankfulness list,One thing I know for sure is that GRATITUDE is the key to happiness. Being able to see the good around us, taking note of the blessings in our lives, even when things are in chaos, is not always easy, but within it lies happiness and contentment.

I had the idea to list 2014 reasons to be grateful, so here goes, I’m challenging myself to find that many.

1 Amazing husband
3 Incredible children
2 Supportive parents
2 Caring in-laws
2 Kind-hearted sisters
1 Fun brother
3 Precious nephews
10 Fingers to work, type, touch, cook, live, DO
1 Healthy heart
1 Mouth for kissing, smiling and talking
2 Arms to hug my family, to play tennis, do yoga, and do a million other things
7500 Body Parts: Okay, so before I list every body part, the American Association of Anatomists has 7,500 listed parts and that’s 7500 reasons to be grateful – even if I can’t pronounce them all. But let’s keep going, I allow for 25 parts that I can easily be thankful for: my eyes, arms, hands, lungs, ears, legs, heart, mouth, fingers, and brain.
100 = 25 Healthy body parts on my three kids and husband
250 = 25 Healthy body parts on my parents, in-laws, sister, brother and nephews

So we are up to 378 reasons to be grateful – let’s keep going! This will be harder than I thought but it’s making me happy just counting my blessings.

I’m thankful for:
The 500 kids of the Destiny Africa Choir and at the Kampala Children’s Centre
Our church and the people thereDestiny Africa, The Children's Centre for Hope and Wellness, KCC, Uganda home for orphans, giving tuesday, medical center in uganda
Newtown, my hometown
Books – I’m sure I have over 2014 books to be thankful for!
My daughters’ voices, ukelele and piano
Heat in the winter
Pools, beaches and air conditioning in the summer
Good sleep
Nutritious foods
Enough food
Past vacations
Future vacations
Time with my familyhappy kids with sunflowers
My flower gardens
My vegetable garden
My photo albums and photo books and pictures on our walls
Yup, I’m going to say it, my phone, I really am thankful for how my phone helps me be efficient
While we’re at it, my computer, for writing, connecting and learning
Time to write
Finished pages in my book (I’m finally going back to my childhood dream to be a writer)
The support of family, friends, and my writing coach in my writing
Midwives, doctors, surgeons
People who can do things that I can’t (so this one alone exceeds the 2014 reasons to be grateful!)
Modern Family – hilarious show!

If you’re keeping track, we’re up to 923 reasons to be grateful. For things big and small, important and less so, there are so very many things to be thankful for:

The United States armed services – Thank you! Thank you! Thank you to our troops and their families who sacrifice so much for us and our freedoms. (We have 1,429,995 active personnel and 850,880 reserve personnel  – that’s 2,280,875 reasons to be grateful. I’ll just give myself an even 500 to symbolize all of our troops and their families).
Our home
Our yard
Piper, our pet cockatiel
Our furniture, rugs, lamps, appliances
Washing machine and dryergirl doing handstand on beach, world's best mom, world's okayest mom, activities with kids, being a good mom
Happy perfume
Hair dryer
Toothpaste! I love to brush my teeth!
Cover-up for the hereditary, permanent dark circles under my eyes
My new car
My office, my husband built this small sanctuary, my own little corner of the house
New Old Friends
Fruit, vegetables and especially avocados
Dark chocolate
Pretty stationery
Laughing, good deep belly laughing with tears running from my eyes
Scarves, mittens and winter boots
All 26 letters of the alphabet – really, I am very thankful for vowels!
Living in the United States
Airplanes and pilots

Are you still with me? Nick thinks no one will read this list – at least not this far. If you’re still reading – I’m thankful for you! That makes 1479 reasons to be grateful. 535 to go!

The thankfulness continues:

Colors – yellows and greens, pinks, oranges and blues
Teaching childbirth education classes
Over 150 doula clients
Doulas of Rhode Island
Zac Brown Band – Love my country music – I’m thankful for that, too.
Music for Newtown
The American Flag and the Pledge of Allegianceflower wreath, salt bowl, blessing way, green bowl, wreath for hair, making hair wreath, flowers in bowl
Money – to provide for our family, to access things we need and want, and to give to others
Our neighbors and neighborhood
Our former home: Sparta, NJ
44 Birthdays – each year is another gift
3 Times being pregnant
3 Births, each one beautiful and unique giving us the best thing in life
3 Houses Nick and I have owned
21 years with Nick
19 1/2 years married
My college degree, and all 3 of my majors
Speaking French
Mary and Wayne
50 United States
My blog readers – that, too, in itself exceeds 2014 – thank you!
Freedoms of speech, press, assembly, petition, religion
Freedom to live or travel anywhere in the U.S., to work at any job for which we can qualify
Freedom to marry and raise a family, to receive an education
Freedom to join a political party or other legal groups
Firefighters, police officers and first responders to emergencies
Central vacuuming
Spring and the buds and robins that tell me it’s coming
Acupuncture, chiropractic and physical therapy
Medications that do their job when needed
Tomorrows – may there be many
The clothes and shoes in my closet – that should finish this list off neatly
My winter coats and summer sandals
Skiing, skating, sailingseagrass
Indoor plumbing
Hot water
A cup of tea with honey
Inspirational quotes
Blank books for writing
Kappa Kappa Gamma
20 Candles in the windows at Christmastime
42 All of my children’s teachers (okay, fine, I did leave one out)
Green grass and its fresh cut smell
Texting – it keeps my teenagers close
100 minutes of a body strengthening, mind clearing yoga class

And the final 14 reasons to be grateful:

14. Hugs and kisses from my kidsseashells
13. Hugs and kisses from Nick
12. Snuggle time
11. Massages – Mmmm Hmmm!
10. Reading together time
9. Math kisses
8. Bedtime prayers
7. Grace at dinner time
6. Piper saying, “I love you,” and “Good birdie, Piper”
5. Receiving a handwritten letter in the mail
4. Sending a handwritten letter and telling someone I’m thinking of them
3. Thoughts of me on my birthday
2. My wedding and engagement rings and all they represent
1. YOU! Thanks for reading to the end!

That makes 2014 Reasons to be Grateful!
Add your own in the comments!
Happy New Year!

© Copyright Leah DeCesare 2014

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