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Into the Mother’s Circle

May 21, 2010

mismatched socks, into the mother's circle, teen girls in socks, colorful socks, striped socks, four seasons, compass rose, meaning of a ring,May is International Doula Month and the month we celebrate Mothers!

I feel so grateful to do the work that I do; it is a blessing and an honor to support mothers and families, to welcome women into the Mother’s Circle.

The name Mother’s Circle has many meanings to me – it’s an embrace, safe arms around a family. It is holding a space for moms and babies. It is joining a community of women across generations and cultures and connecting mothers throughout history, around the Earth. Mother’s Circle evokes an image to me of nurturing, compassionate envelopment and hands joining together – hands holding to buttress one another, to validate one another, to nourish one another in silent, expansive unity.

Being a mother is so complex and contradictory – it is the deepest love, profound joy and intense frustration – it is special relationships and connection to another human being like no other. It is overwhelming, emotional, physical, tiring, energizing, exhausting and invigorating. It encourages us to explore our bond with this other person and our individuality from him/her; it leads us to reflect on our own mother, our own upbringing, our values, dreams, and goals for our families and ourselves. Motherhood implores us to see ourselves anew, to be strong within ourselves beyond what we may have believed possible.

Mother, Mama, Mommy, Mom … we have a place of honor, prestige, great influence and great responsibility inLeah DeCesare, doula, Mother's Circle, Rhode Island doula a child’s life. Becoming a mother is becoming a master balancer – balancing giving of yourself and giving to yourself. Spending time alone, nurturing your spirit and body, living in the knowledge that caring for you is caring for your child(ren). The title of Mother, Mama, Mommy does not replace the woman you are; let the role enhance you, add to you, give to you instead of detracting or diminishing.

Trust yourself. Honor yourself. Bask in the glory of the Mother’s Circle.